Monday, February 3, 2014

Step2 Fresh Market Kitchen

Step2 Fresh Market Kitchen
This giveaway that I won was sponsored by
School Zone Publishing
I recently entered to win a Step2 Fresh Market Kitchen ... and I won!!!
My Daycare kiddos are loving it..
So am I.. As a home daycare provider I know how much my kiddos love new toys.
I also know how much they can cost.. I tend to try to purchase things that are good quality, that the kiddos will enjoy, and that they will get years of use out of, I also like if the toy helps them learn while having fun.
Can I say.. the Step2 Fresh Market Kitchen does all of those things!!!
Its Wonderful.. The little bakery, the store, the little kitchen with burners that light up and make sounds on the stove, The working kitchen light, The cash register scans and beeps and opens.
Oh my kiddos are loving it. They have made me some yummy dishes. It comes with pots, pans, plates, bowls, cups, silverware, cooking utensils, and bakery goods, as well as produce.
So far this is a hit.. I highly recommend it.. be sure to check out for the Step2 Fresh Market Kitchen and lots of other awesome toys.

Notice that almost every photo has kiddos in it.. I can't keep them away from it!! They love the kitchen and play with it constantly.. And yes instead of being in the toy room its in the middle of my living room.. A new piece of furniture.       
Thank you to both School Zone Publishing and Step 2                                                                                           

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Scaredy Cat.. Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa is afraid of Lucy Belle when she barks.
I found him hid behind the chair curled up in the dog bed.
Poor Baby!
sidenote.. Love when I can get his ears to stand up.. Too Cute!

Big Debate!

Having a Big Debate with myself!!

I am missing blogging... Should I or Shouldn't I???
I am just not certain..
Is anyone still out there??

Just not certain if I should start completely over, or if I should pick up where I left off?
What do you think?
Well if anyone is still out there, let me know!
Aunt Rene