Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving
Our Home to yours

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hallmark has a new movie coming out. It is going to be on Sunday Nov. 29th. Its called A Dog Named Christmas. It looks wonderful. Of course I love the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies. I am looking forward to watching on Sunday night.
Hallmark is hosting a Cutest Dog Contest. I entered Rocky Balboa.. why, well I believe he is the Cutest Dog. He believes he is a cat.. so it all should work out. He really thinks he is a cat, and my cat, believes she is the Queen. Ummm yes Miss Annie I know you ARE the Queen.
Please take a minute and vote for Rocky as Cutest Dog... Please!!!!
Vote here..

All Rocky would like for Christmas is to win the Cutest Dog Contest and for the Buckeyes to win the RoseBowl.... thats all!!!

Rocky, The Cutest Dog!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Todays the Day!!!!!

Update~~ The Buckeyes Win~~ 21-10 Go Bucks!!!
Update!~ half time: OSU 14-Michigan 3
Today's The Day!!!
The Day that Buckeye Fans wait for all year long.

Today is the Day where the Brutus Buckeye in all of us comes out.. We will be sporting our Scarlet and Grey, We will have blown up Brutus in our Yards, We will be flying our Ohio State Buckeye Flags. There will be people with their bodies painted Scarlet and Grey.

Today... hopes and dreams could come true... This man.. Today!! Mr. Tressel we are hoping and dreaming that Today is the day we want it to be.. We want to Beat MICHIGAN!!!!!
GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok.. I now have to go and eat about of a dozen of these delicious buckeye candies, Eat chips and dip, and probably chili.. and enjoy this day!!! For those who are not a buckeye fan.. You HAVE to eat buckeyes on game day!!! Have to.. Yummy so glad to be a Buckeye!
GO BUCKS!!!!!!!

Just wanted to say to my buddies Nick, Chuck, Tyler, Joey, Drew, Justin, Heathy,
Go Bucks!!!!!!
to my adorable niece Susie Q... Ummm I hope you have a great day, hahaha!!! not really...(she likes that blue team from up north).

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Cold!!!

I have a Cold... Thats right, runny nose, scratchy throat, little headache, maybe a fever. Problem with me having a Cold is this.... It makes me GROUCHY!!! that's right people Grouchier than normal so beware. Keep Away!!!
I think one of my Daycare Babies may of decided to share his cold with me that he had last week. He showed up at my house today feeling fine. No sign of a cold in sight. Thats not fair. I hope mine is gone in 3 days.
Well I am going to go and make me some Oatmeal for supper. I know, I know Oatmeal, supper, with a cold. I know Chicken noodle soup but Oatmeal just sounds really good and warm and yummy.
Take care everyone. Stay away from My Daycare Babies.. they are willing to share their Germs with anyone!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Here are a few pictures of my new home.
This is the front entry way.
Another shot of the entry, I am getting a full glass storm door put on, also contemplating painting the front door country red. I think it will look nice with the yellow house.
Family Pictures in the Hallway

Another shot of the Family Pictures in the hallway.
They are black and whites except for one..
Wonder who the baby in pink is...

Corner of the Living Room.
I love Americana...
I also love Country.

Another wall in the Living Room

This is the wall going into the kitchen.
I didn't realize how messy the bakers rack looks.

The kitchen

A few things up on the cabinets and my new red star.
You can't really tell walls are yellow but they are in the kitchen.

The kitchen, I am going to get one of the microwaves that installs above the stove. Just have to save enough money for it.
Soon I hope!

Well that's the main part of my new home sweet home.
I love living here.
The neighbors are super nice, the cat and dog love it here as well.
The yard is great.
A huge thanks to my 2 sisters who helped decorate, A bigger Thanks to my moving men.. and ladies, and girls, and boys... Everyone. I have a great family, and great friends.
A big thanks to the Painters.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my home.

The Longest Week!!!

The Last Week seemed like it lasted for a month. Moving was/is hard work. I am so fortunate to have had so much help from family and friends. Last Sunday we had a painting party. We painted every room in the house except the 2 bathrooms. They will get painted eventually.
The house is almost all set up, There are a few more things that needed finished up. My youngest sister has stopped over each day and hung pictures on the wall. She is quite talented. I will take pictures soon and post them on my blog.
The internet was greatly missed for the 8 days I went without it. Baby Stellan had a rough time of it and is now being dismissed from the hospital completely SVT free, that was some of the best news I have heard in ages.
Well I am back and will be posting a real post soon. Take Care Everyone!