Saturday, September 26, 2009

Barney the Dinosaur and Miss Birdie

Barney, Baby Bop and BJ
are my Great Niece Miss Birdie's favorite things in the whole world.
Well next to her Mommy, Daddy, Pa, and Grandma of course.
She just loves Barney.
She will be 2 in just a couple of weeks.
That is a problem.
Miss Birdie wants Everything BARNEY....
The stores don't carry EVERYTHIING BARNEY anymore, explain that to a almost 2 year old.
I am going to buy her winter boots for her birthday.... I know she would love BARNEY.
If any of my Auntrene readers see Barney boots in a store please, please, please let me know where.
I have searched the net with no luck. Bummer!!!
I am sure Birdie will be just as happy with Pink or Purple boots but I would love to surprise her with Barney Snow boots.
Thanks for the help.

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Great Giveaway

My Daycare kiddos would love this Modern Lines Kitchen from Step2...

Luckily The DirtyTshirt is giving one away.. I would love to win.

Be sure to stop by and leave a comment on the DirtyTshirt for a chance to win.

Some things you should not change...

There are some products that you buy that you should NEVER change!!!
I found this out by accident.
I have used the same brand of Hair Color for years!!! Always a choice of 2 shades..
Well lately I have been attempting to cut corners, Working on saving some money on the budget and ummm There was some Hair Coloring on sale at our new Discount Drug Mart (My favorite store). I purchased the little green box...
I purchased the same exact color that I usually use in a different brand. LIGHT Golden Brown... ummmm My hair is now a Dark Brown with Red. How did this happen?? Now What??? I am hoping after I wash it about 20 times a day it will lighten up some.
Its not that it is a bad color its just really dark. I used to be blonde, I even used to use the blonde hair coloring.. Then I moved on to the LIGHT brown. LIGHT brown was a good color for me... This LIGHT brown on my head just isn't what I wanted. I do look like I am ready for fall now with this brown, with red going on... Like a tree changing leaf color..
So I learned when you find a product that you love... DO NOT save a couple of bucks and buy a different one... Change is not good.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Mom

My Mom
My Mom was a woman of great strength, courage, spirit, fight, sense of humor, compassionate, loyal, loving, faithful, dependable, kind, & sometimes bossy, occassionally she was nosey.
I learned a lot from her, She was a teacher, a cook, a nurse, a waitress, a laundress, a gardener. The greatest Mother.. and so much more.
She loved her children, Her grandchildren, and her great granddaughter. She loved her family immensely. She adored the family pets. (Even if one was a yapping mutt.)
She liked the Buckeyes, buying crafts, and her great shopping passion was new furniture. I used to laugh that she changed couches more than most people change their bed sheets. She loved new furniture.
My Mom.... We miss you Mom.... We love you Mom.....

My mom lost her courageous battle to cancer on Tuesday Sept. 15....She had Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma... which is a rae cancer.
This week has been so busy. A few days ago I was blogging about the new normal.. Nurses, hospital beds, oxygen, sheet changing, laundry... and everything else...
Oh How I wish I had that normal back in my life.. We buried my mom in a beautiful spot at our local town cemetary... No one wants to lose a loved one.... No one!!!
The 6 of us children,Her 9 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild... and sisters, brothers, nephews, nieces, and friends will miss her greatly, but we will meet again...
Thank you for giving us such a great mom, Lord.... She is an amazing woman.. Please Rest in Peace Mom........

Monday, September 14, 2009

I need a Man!~ A Certain Man, Not Just Any Man will Do!

See this adorable fluff ball of a dog..
HE is the reason..
.The reason I need a Man!
A Certain Man...

Go Ahead say it...
But he looks so sweet and innocent..
He is Sweet, Innocent, Lovable, Loyal, Devoted,
Someone comes near the house...Then it starts
I don't mind he barks, I mind that he doesn't stop when I tell him too.
It is making me CRAZY

He wakes up sleeping babies, He wakes up my mom, He gets on my nerves.
I need a MAN to help me make this dog behave... I have him all picked out..

Cesar Milan....
Please tell me what to do to make my dog behave.
I need you Cesar... No really I need you!!!
Ok.. I want you.. I have admitted it..

Mr. Milan Sir... If you can make Rocky Balboa quit barking you will be my forever hero.... I mean it FOREVER!~

New Normal!!

The New Normal!!
If there is such a thing, The New Normal for our family include:
Mom's Cancer
No Treatment
A Great Nurse Rosemary
A Wonderful Aide Tammy
Changes of Sheets
Mountains of Laundry
Ensure by the gallons
Ice Cream and Ensure Shakes at 2 a.m
Mom not eating
Oxygen Concentrator in the middle of the Bedroom
Oxygen Tubing Changes
Oxygen Water Changes
Not much Sleeping
Baby Monitor so we can hear Mom thru the house.
How did all these things become NORMAL....
I liked the Old Normal better...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dear God, Its me Rene I was wondering.....

Dear God,
Its me Rene,
I was wondering... I mean I know you don't make mistakes, but is it possible you have me messed up with someone else???? I am just wondering because I know that you wouldn't give me more than I can handle with your help... but um God.... I think you have me confused with someone else.... Because this load seems heavy and even though you are there to help me carry it I am not sure I have the strength... I thought maybe the whole Rene name confused you.. See I am Maureen.... remember... so ummm could you check and be sure that some of this load doesn't belong to someone else..
Also Thanks for being here for me always!