Monday, September 14, 2009

I need a Man!~ A Certain Man, Not Just Any Man will Do!

See this adorable fluff ball of a dog..
HE is the reason..
.The reason I need a Man!
A Certain Man...

Go Ahead say it...
But he looks so sweet and innocent..
He is Sweet, Innocent, Lovable, Loyal, Devoted,
Someone comes near the house...Then it starts
I don't mind he barks, I mind that he doesn't stop when I tell him too.
It is making me CRAZY

He wakes up sleeping babies, He wakes up my mom, He gets on my nerves.
I need a MAN to help me make this dog behave... I have him all picked out..

Cesar Milan....
Please tell me what to do to make my dog behave.
I need you Cesar... No really I need you!!!
Ok.. I want you.. I have admitted it..

Mr. Milan Sir... If you can make Rocky Balboa quit barking you will be my forever hero.... I mean it FOREVER!~


  1. Aaww! That poor little doggie can't be all that bad. If you think he is bad come visit me when the UPS truck is here. Yep, you guessed it...they all 3 bark like mad!! And Shadow meets the poor guy at the step of his truck. I am surprised that he even comes back to deliver again. Are dogs supposed to listen to their owners anyway?

  2. heck we have 5 dogs that all bark at the ups guy, fed ex guy, trash truck guy, mail guy, guy jogging down the street, water guy checking meter, electric guy checking meter, gas guy checking meter,

    you think they don't like guys?

  3. I've watched his show he's pretty amazing. Wonder if he has a site with tips on it.

    Wanted to Send you a VIRTUAL HUG HOPE your doing ok. Looking forward to your return. When your ready Sweetie. Prayers and keeping you in my thoughts. Sorry to hear bout your Mom


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