Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Ree Drummond !!!

This is as I was finishing talking to Miss Drummond.. I reached out and touched her.. what was I thinking.. but look she is talking to me. She was just so darn nice!
I know.. you are thinking she is saying.. " Here lady take your books and get away from me"... but she wasn't! She was asking questions..
Handler.. see he did everything.. even took photos!
Miss Ree!!
Miss Ree
She gets herself all stocked up and ready to sign.. Her iced coffee, water, markers, she settles in for the long haul.
She is very funny. At one point she took about a 10 minute break and excused herself... to the restroom. When she came back... she took a second and said to everyone waiting... "Well now we all know where I have been don't we".. everyone laughed..
Glad that I went to Barnes and Noble and very happy to have spent a couple of minutes speaking with "The Pioneer Woman".

I met Ree Drummond!!!!!!

My sister Melanie and I got up this morning and drove 45 minutes to Barnes and Noble so I could meet Ree Drummond!!!! I love her Blog The Pioneer Woman . I have followed her blog for several years. I will say that her Blog gave me something to read each day when I was sitting with Junior and Mom when they were sick. I honestly love reading her recipes, reading about the hard work they do on their ranch, about the fun she has with her kids as she homeschools them, and about her adorable Bassett Hound Charlie!!
Ok.. time for some pictures... they are out of order.. but it was a fun day!!
We waited over 6 hours.. It was so worth it!
Melanie and I were sitting in the window... and this guy and his wife came up to the window outside.. and he was joking around he was going to take our picture.. So I took his!!! I am telling you we met so many nice people today.
Here she is ... Ree Drummond.. The Pioneer Woman!!!!
Kind, Gracious, Friendly, Funny!!! Very, Very nice lady..
This gentleman was known as "The Handler". He turned out to be from Mansfield Ohio. He was so nice. Very friendly. He kept the line moving. Helped us get our books all ready. He was Miss Ree's driver, security, book handler, line mover.. just did it all.
Miss Ree signed my book!!!! I enjoyed her new Novel.. Loved reading about how she met the Marlboro Man and about her life on the Ranch.. Oh and her wedding with 600 guests~! She is used to large crowds.. Good things since there were around 1000 people there today.
Here is her Novel. I love her cover art..
She signed my cookbook also, she was signing them on a different page but I requested she sign this page. This cookbook was a gift to me from my Brother, Sister In Law and niece.. My Sister in Law had wrote in the book to me.. so I had her sign under it.. She was very gracious and thought it was very sweet that I had received the book as a gift!
Also love the Art work on the cookbook!
Miss Ree!!!
6 hours later... Finally!!!!
See she is just so nice!!! I was a little upset with myself.. the time went so fast that I didn't get to tell her that it is on my Bucket List to get to go to the Ranch.. She gives awesome trips to the Ranch away on her blog.. Someday maybe I will win!!! ... Ok if not the trip I want one of the Pioneer Woman Kitchen Aid Mixers.. Hey a gal can dream.
The entire day was so much fun! I have to say I would do it again... maybe not tomorrow but I would definitely take the chance to meet her once again. Great fun. Nice people, good day spent with my sister.
Thanks Ree Drummond..

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ICE, Splits.. One Set, Enough!

Ice... We have lots of it this morning... What a Mess!!
I have been slowly trying to clear my driveway..
Here is some of the Ice I have broke up..
Then I shovel it off to the side of the driveway.
Did you realize that Ice is very, very slippery.... Very.. VERY Slippery!!
See that spot where it looks like Water under the Ice..
Yep.. Thats a Really, Really Slippery Spot!
That is where I performed the SPLITS for my neighbors.
They didn't laugh.... at first..
They gave me an 8.. said I didn't have great Style~!
Excuse me.. I think I deserved a 10 for being able to get up again~!
So I scraped all I had broken up and the Ice wins.. I'm done..
I am just sure that if I went out again..
There would be a Repeat performance of the Splits.
Don't think these old bones could take it.
The Fence Row is sure pretty.. with all of the ice on the branches.
Here is the Fence Row...
If you have Ice at your house... Be Careful.. those SPLITS can happen with no Warning!!!