Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Package Arrived!

I have once again told my UPS man Gene that I love him... Do you blame me.. he brings the most wonderful Packages to my house. Look what he brought last week.. Just looking at the outside of the box was enough to make me declare my Love for the UPS man. Over at Mommygaga.com I entered the Big G/Hot Wheel Prize Pack.. and I was lucky enough to Win!
The outside of the box was enough to cause great excitement with the Daycare kiddos!!! OOOH!!! Whats inside???
All Kinds of Goodies.. 5 Large boxes of Big G Cereal to start.. This Made me smile.. Do you know how much Cereal these kiddos eat?
Heres the Goodies.. 5 Boxes of Cereal, 3 Hot Wheel Ball Caps, 3 Hot Wheel TShirts, a HotWheel Stunt and Dunk Set, a Set of The Pull Back Racers.. Oh.. what fun we have had with this box..

Thank you Mommygaga.com and Thank you HotWheels and Big G!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hail Storm

We had a Hail Storm on Wednesday. It lasted probably 10 minutes.. I wasn't able to get lots of photos as I was busy getting the 7 kiddos shoes and things on just in case the Tornado Siren blew.. It didn't , but you never know. I hurried and stuck a little bucket out there to catch some of the hail.
You can't tell it from this picture.. but it was coming down pretty hard and heavy out there.

Aww finally the bucket started to get some in it..
It kept bouncing out.

Still hailing but I went out and got the bucket..
See that tiny bucket of Hail.. it provided about 10 minutes of entertainment for 5 kiddos.. They loved it!

This was when it first started.. I was trying to take pics thru the
storm door.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Book Swap

Super excited Lynette over at Crazed Mind is hosting a Book Swap!!
Its a "Green" Swap... So you find a Bag of some sort around your house, you put some Books you have laying around in the bag and then when its time you place it in a box and ship it to the person you are swapping with.. New books!!! I love to read so this is a great way to clean out some books and receive some new ones..
Check out the swap!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mamarazzi Swap!!! Favorite Things!

WE all know I have LOTS of Favorite Things...
My Family, My Friends, My Animals.. just to name a few.. Well I have lots of other Favorite things.. and I am going to get to share some of them..
I am going to be in the Swap over at Dandelion Wishes!!!!
I have been in her swaps before and it is terrific fun!
This time I will be paired up with another blogger and we will exchange packages with out Favorite things in them.. I won't be sending My Family, Friends, or Animals... well unless that Mutt Lucy is rotten again and then you never know..
Be sure to check out all of the fun over at Dandelion Wishes!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Favorite Things!!!

I love things to hang on the walls of my home... I especially things that are personal, pictures of my family are a favorite. Things my family have made is another favorite. My niece Sarah made this sign for me!!! I love it!!It says.... "Don't Cry Because It's Over, Smile Because It Happened".....
This is from Dr. Seuss!!! I love this Quote and it has a lot of meaning to me!!!
What are your Favorite Things???

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back to it!

I am attempting to get back to my blog
I need to go back to making it a priority as it is something I enjoy!...
So I am going to try to at least once or twice a week post a Favorite Thing.. it may be a person, place or a thing.. Anything.. My favorite things... So today to get started I am going to post about one of my favorite things to do on the computer..

I love to play Mahjong!!
Here is my new favorite Mahjong site.

Right now I have been playing the Mahjon 10..
Well Enjoy!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!