Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hail Storm

We had a Hail Storm on Wednesday. It lasted probably 10 minutes.. I wasn't able to get lots of photos as I was busy getting the 7 kiddos shoes and things on just in case the Tornado Siren blew.. It didn't , but you never know. I hurried and stuck a little bucket out there to catch some of the hail.
You can't tell it from this picture.. but it was coming down pretty hard and heavy out there.

Aww finally the bucket started to get some in it..
It kept bouncing out.

Still hailing but I went out and got the bucket..
See that tiny bucket of Hail.. it provided about 10 minutes of entertainment for 5 kiddos.. They loved it!

This was when it first started.. I was trying to take pics thru the
storm door.


  1. so cool, what a fun thing for your daycare kids...i bet they loved it!!

  2. wow self serve Ice.....could use that down here where it was in the 80's yesterday? OOOPS....don't hit me. LOL


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..