Monday, April 27, 2009

Glade Sense and Spray Giveaway!( Now Closed)

I am a new Bzz Agent. When you are a Bzz Agent they send you products that are newer to try, also great coupons for the products. My very first campaign as a Bzz Agent is for the Glade Sense and Spray.

It arrived, I opened the box, and was excited to find my Glad Sense and Spray has the Clean Linen scent. Can I say Fabulous. I love it. The Glade Sense and Spray is wonderful. It knows when someone comes into the room and it Spritzes a Spray of the wonderful Clean Linen. Then the machine knows it has sprayed and it locks for 30 minutes. This is wonderful. I have a little tiny bathroom that is very busy and if it didn't lock it would be spraying every 2 minutes.

The refill of scent should last approximately 30 days depending on how many sprays it sprays per day. I also love the fact that you don't plug this in, It comes with a battery.. Wonderful

I have mine in my Living Room , I love it...

Ok.. Giveaway time.

I have purchased a Glade Sense and Spray Starter Pack to give to one of my wonderful readers. It is the Apple Cinnamon.. mmm smells wonderful. I will also throw in a $5.00 Walmart Gift Card to purchase a refill for your Glade Sense and Spray.

To enter:

Go to Glade and come back and leave me a comment with which refill you would like to try if you were to win the Glade Sense and Spray. This is the number one requirement. You must do this to enter.

If you are a follower or if you become a follower , leave a comment for a second chance.

Go To My Sister In Laws site and leave a comment on her Lock and Lock giveaway, come back and leave 2 more comments here. Her site is Love My 2 dogs. Her button is on the right. I would of put a link in but Blogger will no cooperate right now. I will try to fix it. Click on her button and go to her 100th post giveaway.
You do not have to have a Blog to enter the giveaway, please be sure to leave your email so I can reach you if you are the winner.
Also keep checking back I have at least 3 more great giveaways coming up soon.

You have 4 chances to win this giveaway. The Giveaway winner will be picked by Random Number Generator on May 3,2009. Thanks!

Sorry this open to U.S residents only due to shipping, Must be over 18, and no Tammy you can't win because you are related to me..

Thanks everyone!

Giveaway from My Sister In Law

Good Morning Everyone,

It is a beautiful Monday morning. I wanted to be sure and let everyone know that my Sister In Law is having an Awesome Giveaway to celebrate her 100th post. You will want to sign up for this great giveaway and check out her Terrific Blog.

She is giving away Lock and Lock. If you have never tried Lock and Lock I am sorry. If you have, Your cupboards are full of this great product but you know you can always use more.

Stop over and check out her Blog and leave a comment to win the great Lock and Lock Giveaway.

Have Fun!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wonderful Saturday!

It has been a absolutely wonderful Saturday. The weather has been gorgeous. Over 80 degrees all day. That is lovely here in Ohio, no rain and warm on the same day.. Wonderful.
This morning, My 2 sisters, 1 sister in law, and my aunt and myself were up nice and early and headed to the fairgrounds in the next county. The newspaper in the county hosted a Huge Yard sale at the fairgrounds. Instead of setting your sale up at your home you took it all to the fairgrounds.. There were approximately 75 booths.. It was great fun.
I managed to snag a few goodies, 3 vintage half aprons for 10cents each. Score,
2 sets of Fisher price Princess, Prince, Carriage, Horse for $1.00 each. I also managed to get a couple of more Fisher Price people for 25 cents. I bought my cousins in Penna a couple of cute John Deere Camo Tshirts, and an OSU hoodie.. so I spent a whopping. $4.55... Yeah..
Then the fun started we left there and hit Yard Sales.. I love Yard Sales, I love books... So when I find a Yard Sale with Books it is the highlight of my day.. Well I scored big time.
I bought 3 boxes of Christian Fiction books, full of all of my favorite authors, Wanda Brustetter, Judith Pella,Karen Kingsbury.. and lots more. There are probably 100 books or more total and she gave me a deal of $20.00. If I do not blog for a while, don't panic I am busy reading.
I hope you all had a wonderful day like we did here in Sunny Ohio.... Have Fun, I am!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Boss, Do you have a Boss? I am a "Self" employed Home Daycare Provider. I work in my "Own" home. I am "Self" Employed. Therefore I should not have a "Boss".. Right???
Goodness, sometimes that is not true, or so it seems to me.
Yesterday, 6 kiddos playing in toy room, taking turns going potty, gettting shoes on and keeping theirselves occupied while I hurry and throw a Homemade Turkey Pot Pie in the oven. I am hurrying because the sun is shining and we want to go outdoors.
Parent arrives with kiddos number 7. Final kiddo arrival of the day. She says to me... "Don't you think You should be Outside?" ERRRRRR!!!!!!!

Yes, I think we should be outside... Yes, I want to be outside, Yes, I want all of these little monkey's outdoors to breathe all of that fresh air, Yes Yes Yes..... and we are working on it.. BOSS.... but you have 1 kid and I now have 7 its 10:30 in the morning and I am only 1 person... and now you have taken my perfectly nice sunshiny day and made me a not so happy person.... Thank You Boss.....
oh goodness really I guess I was mostly flustered because that is where we wanted to be and then her saying it just Erked me big time...
I of course was nice and just replied, Yes I do think we should be outside, and Yes we are headed that way.
Heres the good news, We went outside and it was wonderful, The Sun was shining, The birds were singing,(actually they were telling us to go back inside so they could eat all the bird food in the bird feeders we filled).
It was a beautiful thing going outside with the 7 kiddos. I hope it happens again today, Only 3 kiddos today YEAH!! and no BOSS.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mothers Day Giveaway!!

Mother's Day Giveaway!!!
You will want to stop over at
They are having a terrific giveaway!
Check it out.

Sunshine, Beautiful Sunshine.

OH, I feel like breaking out in Song today.. Luckily for all of you if I do you can not hear me.. It wouldn't be pretty. Pretty is what it is outside today. Absolutely Gorgeous. The Sun is shining, The Birds are all singing, The Tulips and Daffodils are blooming..
I have a houseful of kiddos today, We were outside for quite a while this morning. As soon as naptime is over we will be heading back out for some more of the glorious Sunshine.
My Wee Babe has decided in the last 2 weeks that he is no longer going to take a morning nap.. Now Wee Babe and I are disagreeing on whether or not he still NEEDS to take a morning nap. He is only 9 months old.. He NEEDS a morning nap, I NEED him to take a morning nap. ( This is when I drink my cuppa tea). I hope I win this battle.. We shall see, today it wasn't bad enough he took no morning Nap he didn't go to sleep until 1:30 for his afternoon nap. He arrives at my house by 7:05 so he has probably been up since at least 6:15. The little guy just doesn't think he is a baby. He thinks he is a Big Boy and they don't take morning naps. He hasn't taken a bottle here for over 6 weeks.. He won't.. He drinks from a sippy..
Ok.. enough about the Wee Babe, I am going to have my belated cup of tea and get ready to go out in the sunshine.
Have a beautiful day everyone.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Email Problems And Giveaway Coming Soon!

I have a Email account thru Yahoo! I have never had any problems with it until recently. For some reason some of my emails have been returning to the sender saying that my email account doesn't exist. If you should try to email me and that happens please let me a message here with an email and I will get in touch with you. Thanks so much!
Hopefully I can get this problem taken care of today.

I wanted to let you know I will be having a Giveaway coming up soon. I am excited. I have a couple of more lined up.. Just have to get them going. Be sure to check back.

Happy Earth Day 2009!

Happy Earth Day!
Have a Great Day!
Remember to do something special to help save our Earth.
Recycle, Reduce, Reuse.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yep, I did it.. What would you do???

Ok as some of you know it was my birthday yesterday. I tend to be a procrastinator. I know it, I know I should quit. But heck why do it today when it can be done tomorrow is sometimes my theme in life. Ok.. so when it is your birthday and you own vehicles you have to get new "Tags"(stickers) for your car. I had to get the new stickers and put off doing it until yesterday. If I had not done it yesterday they would of expired at midnight last night and I would of been driving illegally.
Now, it really is not "Rocket Science" to replace the sticker, You make sure the old sticker is either off, or all nice and clean and dry and then you replace the new sticker right over the top of the old sticker.( At least this is how I do it.... NORMALLY). Ok.. It was pouring down rain when I arrived to get my new stickers yesterday. I arrived home in the rain storm and decided to just leave the new stickers in the car and replace them when it wasn't raining cats and dogs.
So now today I need to be in Carline to pick up the 2 kiddos from school. Run out to the car in the RAIN and HAIL and see the new stickers on the seat of the car. I pause a moment and think should I or shouldn't I.. What's the chances I will get caught. Decided that I best not risk getting a ticket, jump out with a paper towel, clean old sticker, apply new sticker, get back in car and proceed down drive way.. Soaking wet but hey legal.
Going down the driveway, it occurs to me that there might be a problem... So I jump out, look at license plate and new sticker, Slap self on forehead, and Groan...
Could it be that I was that stupid... No Way!!! I mean I just paid $34.50 for that sticker I would not of been stupid enough to have stuck it in the wrong place... YES!!! YES!! I did, see we also have a sticker that has the County Number on it... You guessed it I am driving a mini van around now with 2 expiration stickers on it.. one for 09, one for 10.
My dilemma is do I call and see if I can get a new sticker and if so for how much. Or do I just risk riding around with two stickers one already expired and take my chances of getting caught by the police.
I figure if I get caught the police might believe I am just that Dumb... plus when they see the number of the county I live in, they will without a doubt just assume YES I am that dumb.. People in our county are not always known for being overly Smart.
What would you do???
Oh, Goodness never a dull moment.. Ever..


Today is the day it looks like Baby Stellan will be having his surgery. I am going Orange for him today. Remember Stellans color is Orange, his bracelets are Orange also you can still purchase bracelets on MckMama's website. If you go Orange for Stellan today take pictures, You can then submit them to MckMama's site and she will be able to see all of the support they have from their blogger friends. Stellan has had a rough 24 hours. MckMama has had a rough 24 hours also. Thank goodness her dad is able to be with her right now. Please keep Stellan and the entire MckMama family in your prayers today. You can click on Stellan's button on the right for updates, also I have added them to my blog roll on the left. When you are on MckMama's site and if there is no updates remember on the left hand side you can read her Tweets from Twitter. They will help with updates.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap

Favorite Things Swap!!
After a few minutes of thought I have decided to join in the fun at Dandelion Wishes. She is hosting her third Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap. I have a whole list of Favorite things and would love to share a few with someone else. I think this will be great fun and such a neat way to meet other bloggers. Thanks for hosting . If you would like to join in the fun stop by Dandelion Wishes and sign up.
Just click on the pretty button below to go to Dandelion Wishes.
Wow I just realised this is my 100th post.. Wow amazing!!! I love blogging.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Little Baby Stellan will be on his way to Boston today. Please be sure to keep the entire MckMama family in your prayers. You can click on Baby Stellan's button on the right to keep updated on his journey.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Guess what I just found!!!????

Guess What I just found??? Go ahead Guess , you will never Guess. You probably think I have found some wonderful giveaway, some new fantastic blog to follow, something fantastic to share with all of you..
No, That's not what I found, What I found is WATER!!!! That's right remember the Its Raining Its Pouring.. well apparently it rained right into my basement. I have approximately 6 inches or more of WATER in my basement. Now I have lived in this house almost 4 years, and only once have I ever had a puddle size spot of water.
So you can imagine my surprise when I just went down to work on Laundry to find Inches and Inches of Water in the basement.
I guess the fun begins as soon as the kiddos either go home or when my mom or aunt arrive to keep an eye on them while I go down and try to figure that mess out. I hope I don't get electrocuted or anything.. Geez... Ok.. hmmm first I will have to try to figure out if it is safe to wade through the 6 inches of water so I can begin clean up. Fun... Feel Free to stop by if you would like to help...
Have Fun!!!
I'm not.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Its Raining, Its Pouring!!!

Wow, Spring in Ohio is one thing... WET!!! It has rained here for 2 straight days. Now just so you know I would rather it is raining instead of snowing. I would really love to see some Sunshine. I hope it happens tomorrow. I only have 3 kiddos all day. School is on a 2 hour delay so it would be a perfect day for a walk to take the niece to school and then play at the nice dry fenced in Tennis courts. We could take balls, bubbles and chalk and have a fantastic time.
I am finally I think getting over the cold. Still coughing non stop. Haven't been out of the house except to pick the girls up from school today. Whoo I hope it is almost over.
My aunt is here staying with us for a month. So nice to have her here. She lives about 400 miles away so a long stay is great.
Has anyone else fell in love with The Presidential Family's new pet? I think that Bo is the cutest puppy. I love his White paws. Too cute. Puppies, I love all puppies.
Cute Kiddo story today...
Kiddos are laid down for nap, Chubba sits up.. Aunt Rene he says" Yes I reply" You really should go to Tractor Supply he says. I am like What for Chubba.. Chubba says Cause they have the cutest little baby chicks there. You can hold them and they are so soft and cute... Awwww... I would love to go.. He then added, you can even Buy them... NO WAY!!! they grow into big ole chickens.. I will pass thanks.
Well have a fantastic day. Keep your fingers crossed that there is no rain tomorrow.

Monday, April 13, 2009

$200.00 Home Depot Giveaway!!!

Wow, I found a Awesome Giveaway at One Project Closer this morning, It is for a $200.00 Home Depot Gift Card. Can you imagine all of the wonderful things you could do with $200.00 at Home Depot.
OH, with Spring here, I would rent a power washer and clean the outside of this house, Then flowers yes I love flowers, and flower pots, and Dirt. (yes I buy my dirt). Mulch would be great. Bird Feeders, Bird Seed, ooh one of those Fire Rings things.. never know what they are called.. Oh Home Depot I could have so much fun with that $200.00 ...
Ok everyone, its Spring and you know that you could use $200.00 at Home Depot so go and get signed up to win.. Good Luck!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bake Sale Today!!!

Today is our Relay for Life bake sale. I am busy baking this morning. I am on my second loaf of Applesauce Oatmeal bread. I have Paula Deen's Georgia Peanut Butter Candy in the refrigerator setting up to have chocolate poured over its peanut butter yumminess. And then I am going to make a couple of pans of pans of Apple Crisp.
I hope they all sell and makes lots of money. My niece Susie made little adorable Easter Egg cakes they are super cute and will taste great. I know my SIL has made No Bakes, My sisters have been whipping up batches of Sugar Cookies, and Chocolate Chip. My youngest Sis is at home making up a batch of her famous OREO cookie Truffles. They are delectable.
I am thinking maybe I better make some brownies, I don't know if anyone else has made them. Hmmmm.. Brownies sound good, Triple Chocolate Brownies are a favorite.
Have a Great Day Everyone, I am off to bake some more.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Great News!!!

Ok, First of all the biggest, greatest news is.....
The Toshiba Laptop is fixed.. Yeah!!!
I don't know how she did it but my niece Susie was here, she fiddled, she twisted, she turned, she pushed, and punched, and magically in about 10 minutes she had the computer fixed and saved her Aunt Rene 149.00 bucks.. Thanks Susie Q...
ok.. more Great News!!! Best news of all news.. everyone who is praying for Baby Stellan keep up the great work. He is doing wonderfully right now. If things keep up the way they are going he will not have to go to Boston for surgery right now. Yeah!!!
More good news,
Ryan from Bumbleride called today and they are shipping my Queen B.. they also let me pick the color. So of course I went with the Ruby.. I can not wait for the Queen B to arrive. I am thrilled to pieces that I won.
Alright everyone have a wonderful end of the week. It is Thursday, tomorrow I am off on a journey to pick up my Aunt who is going to come and stay with us for almost a Month.. Yeah!
Her daughter is driving her half way and I will drive halfway so it is about a 4 hour drive each way for us. Best thing is I will get a glimpse of the mountains. I can't wait. I love those Penna Mountains.
Have Fun!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Some Great Giveaways This Week!!

I can't Sleep because I can't quit coughing, So I decided to see what awesome giveaways were out there this week. I am going to add links to a few that I really liked. Which means you guys can all compete with me to try to win these awesome prizes. Good Luck, and Have Fun!!

Ice Cream Lazy Susan Giveaway...

Huge Crayola Giveaway....

The Awesome Skuut Bike Giveaway...

Also one of the absolutely best websites to sign up for email is from this site. She emails every monday with a huge list of awesome giveaways with all of the links.. It is amazing, also if you are hosting a giveaway and wish to list it with her you can do so..

That's all for now folks, Good Luck, I am going to attempt to get some sleep, the cough medicine is kicking in..
Have Fun, Good Luck, and Save a Prize for me..

Wow What a Crazy Ohio Day!

What a Crazy Day today has been. The weather in the last 24 hours just plain Crazy, Thunder, Rain, Snow, Sun (limited but a little). It is snowing now. I hate that all of my beautiful Daffodils are blooming and it is Snowing, Crazy.
The Toshiba is still down and out, mostly because I just haven't felt like taking it anywhere else or calling anyone else to get it fixed yet. I will be working on that in the next day or so.
I am right now concentrating on KICKING this cold in the behind. I had it last week, thought it was gone, and KABOOM down and out worse than ever. Hey you know I don't feel good if I haven't entered any giveaways, I am coughing and runny nose. Yucky!!!
Today was such a blessing I only had one kiddos. Mr. L.. thankfully Mr. L spent the entire weekend with Grandma and Grandpa. Gpa dropped him off and apologized for wearing the poor boy out.. NO really Gpa.. Thank you very much.. So we read books, watched some Little Bear and then The Princess came to play with him for a bit. I love watching them play, we all run out and buy expensive toys and honestly we don't need them.
We have a bowl with I believe there are 24 wooden red, white, and blue cut out stars in it. It is a decoration in the living room, not a toy... but.... anything can become a toy for a 3 year old boy and an almost 2 year old girl. They played with those stars for over 30 minutes. Stacking them up and letting them fall. The giggles made it worth a million dollars. So much fun... If only life was always that easy.
Well everyone have fun, I will be back to blogging, hosting a giveaway, and entering some too as soon as this Cough is gone.
Take Care All

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break

It is Spring Break this week. I am so excited. Most of the kiddos that I take care of are School Teachers kids. So I will have a light load this week. I only have one little boy tomorrow. We will have fun. I am hoping to get all of the toy boxes sorted in the Daycare Room tomorrow with Mr. L's help. Also Mr. L and I will be spending some one on one time with learning to write his name.
I am sure we will be reading a few books, playing a couple of games of memory, and I will have to help build the Race Track at least 3 times. It will be fun.
Of course the weather isn't going to cooperate, I wish. I have a bit of possibly Bronchitis going to give it another day before I go to the Doctor because I feel a hundred times better this evening than I did this morning. Maybe I am kicking it.
I have been out and about hitting some giveaways at Blogs tonight. There are some great giveaways out there. I saw a Bumbleride Indie Twin.. excellent. Several Crayola giveaways, and a 6 months supply of Ragu and a cookbook from Robin Miller, diaper cakes, jewelry, See Kai Run shoes, Eleven Shoes, all kinds of goodies.
Does anyone else love to enter the giveaways besides me.. I love them, especially if I win.
Well Have fun, it is almost Easter I can't believe it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

I am sitting at home tonight a little envious of my Brother and Brother in law. They are at the Rock and Roll hall of fame tonight for the induction ceremony. Metallica is going to be inducted in to the hall of fame tonight. Now just so we are clear, I am in no way a Metallica fan. I honestly have no feelings for Metallica either way..
Here is where the envy comes in, It is Saturday night, 8 p.m, and I am at home on my computer.. Hello so would rather be at the Rock and Roll hall of fame.
I know those guys are having an awesome time, because they are Huge Metallica fans. I am so glad they had the opportunity to go they are hard working fellows who have great families and are good at taking care of the family and they deserve the night off... hehehehehe I had to say that for my Sister in Law and Sister who are stuck at home on Saturday night...
Update on the Toshiba........ It is not a Virus, I repeat it is not a Virus... So if anyone would know why suddenly my laptop will not let me into Internet Explorer please let me know. I took it and had it tested today and they said it is Virus Free. They offered to check it out some more and possibly fix it for the sum of $149.00 whoooo.. that is a lot of dough right now. Hopefully the I can fix a Toshiba laptop fairy will find its way to my house and wave its magic wand. Keep your fingers crossed.
Also, Stellan update, keep praying he has been in and out of SVT several times today. McKMama is pretty stressed and so thankful for everyone who is praying for her sweet baby and her family.

Friday, April 3, 2009

3 Bags Full Sale!!

Wow, Have you ever been to a 3bag full sale. Awesome, my mom, sister M3 and I were watching the news tonight, and they started talking about the 3 Bags Full Sale that was starting at 6:30 in a town about 25 minutes from us..
Well M3 and I were bored, so off we went in the Montana.. We arrived to a packed building at the fairgrounds. Now we all know I don't have kids, but if you do this is a great sale for you. It is a Huge Consignment sale. Toys, baby furniture, clothes, strollers, everything you can imagaine.
Prices well once again I don't have kids, so prices were good (I managed to leave with a huge bag of stuff for $24.00). They are having a couple more of these sales within an hour of us. I would probably go especially if you have children. Things were new and used. They probably had about 200 Melissa and Doug puzzles and things all new, and marked down I believe they were like 35 % off and more. Also you can take your stuff to sell, of course you have to do this ahead of time, You earn 65% to 80% the price that you sell your items for, and you apparently get to name your own price. Which explains why there were similar items, similar condition with different prices.

The clothes I didn't see anything marked over $15.00 that was brandnew 3 piece Gymboree outfit, and saw things as low as a $1.00. Now if you want to find the bargains have M3 go with you.. She is a pro. She could find the cheap stuff.
Mostly it was fun to have a night out. We stopped and grabbed a pizza from my M2's pizza shop, and came home.. Great fun!
You can find a 3 Bags Full Sale near you and print coupons at
Have Fun!!

Wow, What a Week

This week has definitely had its moments. Everything from the beloved Toshiba crashing, (still not working). To winning the beloved Bumbleride Queen B stroller.
I am hoping to get the Toshiba to some help tomorrow, it needs some serious 911.
The Bumbleride Queen B, I can't wait for it to arrive, yesterday it was an absolutely beautiful spring day just the kind of day for the Queen B.
The kiddos and I played outside some in the morning, but the afternoon we ended up stuck inside, When I picked up the 2 girls from school there was a gentleman sitting on the corner with his legs in the road(very busy road) smoking a cigarette with his thumb out. Now, I am not afraid of people, I am a people person. I know most people in our town or at least have seen them. This gentleman wasn't from our town I don't believe. He was hitch hiking sitting down which is a site I have never seen.
Things were not right, I was not comfortable taking 5 children out in my back yard to play with this gentleman sitting acrossed the street. So I called the police station, after he had been there for about 15 minutes, and asked if they would just check him out. Of course no problem. I figured if nothing else if the gentleman needed help they could take care of that, plus he wasn't safe with his legs stretched out in the road. I felt better after the police came, they did take him, but not in cuffs or anything so maybe he just had broke down or something and needed a kind helping hand.
I feel bad that I was so wary of him, I can remember a time I would of asked him if he needed something. Hmmm wondering now, would that of been stupid, or not...kindness not what it used to be.
Have a great day everyone.
Remember to keep praying for Baby STellan and the Mckfamily.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I won!!!!

I had the best phone call EVER from my SIL today.. I won!!!!
The Bumbleride Queen B stroller from MomDot and Bumbleride..
I am thrilled, Can't wait for it to arrive.
Thanks MomDot and Bumblerie.

The Virus!!!

It has happened..... The Toshiba Laptop has caught some kind of Virus...I am not able to open Internet Explorer at all on the Laptop.. So this means I am resorting to using Old Faithful. The HP upstairs that is about 7 years old. Good computer, slower than most, but Faithful.
I am hoping the gentleman in our town who has fixed computers for me before calls and lets me know if he has time to look at the Laptop which is just a little over a year old.
My blogging will be cut in down by about 3/4's because usually I use the Laptop during naptime to hit all the blogs and see what is new in the world.
I will miss you all, all the coupons, money saving hints, household hints, family news, giveaways, BooHoo!!! I am sad.. This is a horrible way to have to get over my addiction.
So I will be back.. Give me time...
Have a Wonderful Time and watch out for those nasty bugs..