Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Its Raining, Its Pouring!!!

Wow, Spring in Ohio is one thing... WET!!! It has rained here for 2 straight days. Now just so you know I would rather it is raining instead of snowing. I would really love to see some Sunshine. I hope it happens tomorrow. I only have 3 kiddos all day. School is on a 2 hour delay so it would be a perfect day for a walk to take the niece to school and then play at the nice dry fenced in Tennis courts. We could take balls, bubbles and chalk and have a fantastic time.
I am finally I think getting over the cold. Still coughing non stop. Haven't been out of the house except to pick the girls up from school today. Whoo I hope it is almost over.
My aunt is here staying with us for a month. So nice to have her here. She lives about 400 miles away so a long stay is great.
Has anyone else fell in love with The Presidential Family's new pet? I think that Bo is the cutest puppy. I love his White paws. Too cute. Puppies, I love all puppies.
Cute Kiddo story today...
Kiddos are laid down for nap, Chubba sits up.. Aunt Rene he says" Yes I reply" You really should go to Tractor Supply he says. I am like What for Chubba.. Chubba says Cause they have the cutest little baby chicks there. You can hold them and they are so soft and cute... Awwww... I would love to go.. He then added, you can even Buy them... NO WAY!!! they grow into big ole chickens.. I will pass thanks.
Well have a fantastic day. Keep your fingers crossed that there is no rain tomorrow.


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