Thursday, April 9, 2009

Great News!!!

Ok, First of all the biggest, greatest news is.....
The Toshiba Laptop is fixed.. Yeah!!!
I don't know how she did it but my niece Susie was here, she fiddled, she twisted, she turned, she pushed, and punched, and magically in about 10 minutes she had the computer fixed and saved her Aunt Rene 149.00 bucks.. Thanks Susie Q...
ok.. more Great News!!! Best news of all news.. everyone who is praying for Baby Stellan keep up the great work. He is doing wonderfully right now. If things keep up the way they are going he will not have to go to Boston for surgery right now. Yeah!!!
More good news,
Ryan from Bumbleride called today and they are shipping my Queen B.. they also let me pick the color. So of course I went with the Ruby.. I can not wait for the Queen B to arrive. I am thrilled to pieces that I won.
Alright everyone have a wonderful end of the week. It is Thursday, tomorrow I am off on a journey to pick up my Aunt who is going to come and stay with us for almost a Month.. Yeah!
Her daughter is driving her half way and I will drive halfway so it is about a 4 hour drive each way for us. Best thing is I will get a glimpse of the mountains. I can't wait. I love those Penna Mountains.
Have Fun!!


  1. Yay for your good news and yay for Stellan!

  2. great news all the way around.always good to hear. prayers, family, support and gifts what a day!

  3. You are one of the winners of my Girls in Trucks book giveaway! Please e-mail me at skrishna [at] skrishnasbooks [dot] com with your mailing address.

  4. Hey there, just thought I'd make sure you've gotten the cookies I sent you? Wanted to make sure they didn't get lost in the mail or something. :)



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