Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yep, I did it.. What would you do???

Ok as some of you know it was my birthday yesterday. I tend to be a procrastinator. I know it, I know I should quit. But heck why do it today when it can be done tomorrow is sometimes my theme in life. Ok.. so when it is your birthday and you own vehicles you have to get new "Tags"(stickers) for your car. I had to get the new stickers and put off doing it until yesterday. If I had not done it yesterday they would of expired at midnight last night and I would of been driving illegally.
Now, it really is not "Rocket Science" to replace the sticker, You make sure the old sticker is either off, or all nice and clean and dry and then you replace the new sticker right over the top of the old sticker.( At least this is how I do it.... NORMALLY). Ok.. It was pouring down rain when I arrived to get my new stickers yesterday. I arrived home in the rain storm and decided to just leave the new stickers in the car and replace them when it wasn't raining cats and dogs.
So now today I need to be in Carline to pick up the 2 kiddos from school. Run out to the car in the RAIN and HAIL and see the new stickers on the seat of the car. I pause a moment and think should I or shouldn't I.. What's the chances I will get caught. Decided that I best not risk getting a ticket, jump out with a paper towel, clean old sticker, apply new sticker, get back in car and proceed down drive way.. Soaking wet but hey legal.
Going down the driveway, it occurs to me that there might be a problem... So I jump out, look at license plate and new sticker, Slap self on forehead, and Groan...
Could it be that I was that stupid... No Way!!! I mean I just paid $34.50 for that sticker I would not of been stupid enough to have stuck it in the wrong place... YES!!! YES!! I did, see we also have a sticker that has the County Number on it... You guessed it I am driving a mini van around now with 2 expiration stickers on it.. one for 09, one for 10.
My dilemma is do I call and see if I can get a new sticker and if so for how much. Or do I just risk riding around with two stickers one already expired and take my chances of getting caught by the police.
I figure if I get caught the police might believe I am just that Dumb... plus when they see the number of the county I live in, they will without a doubt just assume YES I am that dumb.. People in our county are not always known for being overly Smart.
What would you do???
Oh, Goodness never a dull moment.. Ever..


  1. OMG I am laughing so hard I think that I peed my pants. That is just too funny. You know we DO NOT live in Moron county for real, people just say that to aggravate us. You don't have to give them any more reasons to call us that. You know I would just leave it alone because you would have to but a new sticker for the same price. You know that it could be worse you could forget for like two months to renew your tags and in the mean time you take care of a Deputy's little boy five days a week and every day he parks behind your vehicle and never notices that your tags have expired and been expired. I wouldn't know who did that. Or you could be like M3 (your sis) and not remember at all until the insurance company calls to cancel your insurance because you have an unlicenced driver on your policy because their licence expired like months and months earlier. Well, maybe we really do live in Moran county. lol :0)

  2. you could call
    i mean what could they do
    arrest you on the telephone
    otherwise leave the two
    or just remove the expired one


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..