Sunday, January 30, 2011

Avitae and Hibiscus....

Have you tried the Avitae Caffeinated Water?
I had never tried it before either. Recently I was given the opportunity to experiment with Avitae Caffeinated Water.
I am watering some of my plants with Avitae and some with regular water to see if the Avitae gives them a boost of not.
I am using my Hibiscus, tropical plants for part of the experiment. I am also trying it with my 2 african violets.
Here are my 2 Hibiscus plants.
This is the "Water Only" Hibiscus.
When it blooms it has beautiful Yellow flowers.
This is the "Avitae Caffeinated Water" Hibiscus in the Red flower pot.
It blooms gorgeous Coral colored blooms.
African Violet "Water Only"... yes I know the violets are looking a little rough..
They are longing for Spring. They also need transplanted.
Here are both African Violets
This is the "Avitae Caffeinated Water" African Violet

I started this experiment last Sunday..
Today I gave them their Second drink of Avitae.
Stay tuned for updates on the plants.

Avitae was kind enough to supply me with a case of Avitae caffeinated Water
for this experiment.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Did anyone See Where it went???

I can't believe that January is just about over.... Was wondering did anyone see where it went?? It was here looking like an extremely long month... and then ... Gone!!!!
I am loving that we are now a little closer to Spring.. I can't wait...
Next week the GroundHog will be looking for his shadow.. and then... 6 weeks later it will be Spring..
Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus.. Oh I just can't wait.. I love Spring!!!
January... I have to admit you were a little rough on our family... Won't miss you at all!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Good Morning!!! Its Monday!!

Monday Morning!!!
Do you love Monday Morning!! I do... something about knowing its the beginning of a whole new week. I always think of it as something fresh and new...
This Monday morning the weather man is telling me that there is more snow on the way... I have resigned myself to the fact that I live in Ohio and it snows in the winter here.. So, Let it Snow!!
I am ready to enjoy my Monday... how about you???
Get your coffee, tea, soda, water.. whatever gives you your get up and go in the morning... and get going!
Have a wonderful Monday!!