Sunday, May 31, 2009

Giveaway!!! 18"x24" Poster Print

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I would love to have a 18"x24" Poster Print of My family, we have a Great Family picture that includes all 26 of us in our Buckeye Shirts.

I also have some old Black &White shots of our family that would be fabulous as a Poster Print.

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Kiddie Talk

Kiddie Talk from my Daycare Kiddos.. They are something.
This week, Mr. C was arriving at his usual 7:05 a.m It was Monday, Trash Day, I decided to clean out the refrigerator.
When he arrived I was busy dumping containers of food down the garbage disposal. You know the tiny bit of Mashed potatoes, the one left over hot dog that never was eaten.
I was moving onto the door of the fridge and there were 3 bottles of salad dressing that we just didn't like after buying or had a tiny bit in the bottle and wasn't worth saving any longer. I had the trash can right by the fridge and threw them into the can. I was hurrying as the Wee Babe would be here any minute.
Mr. C... Uh... "Aunt Rene what are you doing? I reply.." Oh I am just hurrying and cleaning out the refrigerator." he says to me..."Why are you throwing those away?". I am hurrying and say to him..."Because we don't like the one kind and the other two are almost Empty and want to clean out the fridge". Then Mr. C... tells me what he is thinking "But why are you throwing them in the garbage, Aren't they Cyclables...???" OOOOHHHH NOOOO.... What was I thinking, I usually am very careful and recycle everything.. He was so right, I was so caught..
So I say You are right Mr. C.. I was hurrying and didn't want to have to rinse them out and get them out to the recyclables.. Mr. C fixed that problem too... He says.."I can rinse them if I stand on the chair"
He did, and took them out to the Red Bin then helped me carry the Red Bins to the curb.. I am glad he was there to remind me.. Recycling is important, even if you are in a hurry.
I am also glad he is learning from my example of Recycling and need to keep setting that Example.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Happy 21st Birthday Bub!

Today is my oldest nephews 21st birthday.

He is a great kid, He has the most adorable little girl..

Happy Birthday Bubby!!
Have a Wonderful Day!
(the picture is of 6 of my nieces and nephews, one is Bub!)
I don't usually put my families pictures on my site
but in this picture they are so little.. They are all almost grown up now.
Amazing Kids... They are great.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Car-Pets!!! Check these out!

My Car-Pets!!!

I found these on Mom Buzz website, she is hosting a giveaway.

I just found them to be so darn cute, They are inexpensive, Soft, Cuddly, Don't need fed!!!

The Perfect Pet...

I want one for in my Car, They can be for anyone of any size, You can keep your Car-Pet anywhere.

They have Bride and Groom My Car-Pets, Princess, You could do your school colors, Your favorite NFL teams, Go Browns, Your favorite college Team, Go Bucks!!! Lots of great ideas.
I would love to have one of these My Car-Pets
I bet you would too!
If you do go to Mom Buzz and sign up to win one...

Also be sure to check out My Car-Pets.

What's UP??

What's UP??

I can't believe that on Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend a friend and I went on a road trip. Great Fun! We were thrilled that gas was $2.39 that morning.... Why then when I went to fill my van up yesterday was gas now $2.65... What's UP with that??? I just can't believe it went up 26 cents in 2 days. Sunday to Tuesday.. Unbelievable. I hope it starts going down and not higher... How much are you paying for gas today???

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Have you ever Met?

Have you ever met that one person in your life who loves to argue?
You know the one--
The one who when you say "Wow the sky is so beautiful and blue today" they reply"pretty, not beautiful, pretty..."

Or, you say... " I think I will leave this door open so we can get some fresh air". You know the one she says" No, No lets close the door" " I like the door closed". Errr....!!!!

She is the same one who when you say" Oh lunch looks so Yummy" "Look there is sandwiches, and fruit and salad Yummy" You know the one... She is the one who replies" No, No, I only want Cheetos!!"

She is the one who is at home taking a Nap now... after all she is only 2.... Woo baby girl wears me out...She is so cute though... makes it so much Fun!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!
Have a Happy and Safe Weekend

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Have you ever?

Have you Ever?

Woke up tired,

Went into the Kitchen and Can't remember Why,

Filled up with Gas and forgot to Pay,

Called a Kiddo by the wrong name about 5 times in one day,

Called a Kiddo by the dogs name,

Answered the phone and said "Thank You for calling...... Where you worked, and you were at home.

Made a list for the grocery, left the list and coupons on the table at home,

Needed Chocolate NOW!!!

Wanted to Run Away from Home(when you are an adult)

Wanted Calgon to really to Take you Away!,

Wished upon a Star,

Drove Way over the Speed Limit,

Colored your hair a crazy color,

Watched an entire movie and then Wondered why did I just waste 2 hours watching that???

What have you Ever done???
I did most of these Today!!!
Oh What a Week, Tomorrow is Friday, 3 Day weekend.. It will be fantastic.
Have a Great Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ABC's of ME!!!

It's the ABCs of me, if you want to play along feel free!
I stopped by Confessions of a Moody Mommy and it looked like Fun!! Join In!

A - Age: 47....I know shocking.

B - Bed size: Queen, comfy...

C - Chore you hate: Doing Laundry, only because I have to haul it to the basement
( I need a laundry shoot)

D - Dogs' names: Rocky Balboa

E. Essential start to your day: Computer time, Reading the papers, checking email,

F - Favorite color: RED,

G - Gold or Silver: Silver

H – Height: 5'7

I - Instruments you play: A long time ago I played the Clarinet, when I was in school.

J - Job title: Cook, Housekeeper, Nurse, Day Care Provider, Door Opener and Closer for pets,

K - Kid(s): none... 6 Daycare kiddos here each day. (Nieces and Nephews who I love like my own) (mostly because they go home at night..hehehe).

L - Living arrangements: Myself, My mom, Rocky and Miss Annie the cat

N – Nicknames: Rene,

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Concussion 1964 (before most people reading this were born).

P - Pet Peeve: When people are complaining in a situation that can't be fixed,, and they put theirselves into knowing it could be bad. ( ie.. The people who shop on Black Friday, and then complain that there is a line.) Hello..... what did you really think, you were the only fool who was going to get up at 3 a.m to come and get that Nintendo WII that is the last one on the universe...?????

Q - Quote from a movie: "Frankly My Dear I don't Give a Damn"

"R - Right or left handed: Right.

S - Siblings: 3 sisters, 2 brothers (There are 6 of us, all our names begin with M, girls middle initial is A, boys, E's... I know Amazing Parenting Skills on Mom and Dad's part.)

T - Time you wake up: On weekdays, 5:30am, on Weekends around 6:30 if I am lucky and sleep in

U- Underwear: wear 'em

V - Vegetable you dislike: I love most, Allergic to Mushrooms

W - Ways you run late: When I am waiting impatiently on someone who is running late. ( I am usually early)

X - X-rays: Back in highschool, also a long time ago.

Y - Yummy food you make: Roast, I love to Cook

Z - Zoo animals: Giraffe is my favorite.

If you enjoyed this and would love to join in the fun stop by confessionsofamoodymommy and blog your ABC's of ME.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thomas the Train Table

Update.... They love the Train Table, So do I.. no fighting, no tattling, Just lots of fun!!! Yeah!! money well spent.

I don't know a lot about Thomas the Train. The reason for that is until the last 2 years I have watched mostly little girls. The girls were about the Step 2 kitchen, The Little Tikes doll house, The baby dolls, the Swings on the swing set...
Then the boys invaded us, I have 2 little girls I watch, one is here 2 days a week the other is here sometimes 2, usually 1. Part timers. Boys, goodness the Boys!!!... I watch usually 5 little boys who are 3 just turning 4 and the Wee Babe who is now 10 months old. He is a boy also, I am getting a new WEE Babe in August who will be 4 months old. He is 2 weeks old now and adorable.

Anyways, the Boys are all about Trains, Balls, Trains, The Climber, Trains, The tool set, Trains, Did I mention that they love TRAINS!!! all trains.. but Thomas is their favorite. Thank goodness for free OnDemand on our cable, because I can hook them up with Thomas anytime of the day for free.

Today I had went to some Yard Sales... DUDS!!!! then I needed to get to the bank it was after 1 p.m. I am sitting in line at the bank and see a Yard Sale sign that I had missed this morning.. Boy am I glad I missed it, because she was marking things down. They had the Thomas the Train Table.. I debated, Will it fit, Will it get played with, Is there enough stuff to keep the Boys busy.. Decided it was a good deal. I got the table and a whole box of trains for $50.00.. I hope it was a good deal.. I washed it up and took some pictures, so let me know what you think about my new Thomas the Train Table.. The top 3 pictures are of the same thing.. Sorry!!! couldn't figure out how to take them off.


Wow, Saturday is here already, I am glad the week is over. I don't have any big plans for this lovely morning. From my Living Room window we can see a Yard Sale sign... So I think I will take a ride and check it out. I love Yard Sales, maybe there are some goodies there waiting on me. My sis actually called and wanted me to go to Yard Sales with her and my niece this morning, but I wasn't quite ready for my day to begin.. Now I am ready.

I think I will hit that yard sale and any others I can find. Then I would love to visit a couple of nurseries and find a few more plants for the flower beds. After that I need to wash the Van, inside and out.. Goodness how does that car get so dirty.

OOh, I need to go to the bank. Luckily our bank is open until 2 on Saturdays.. so nice.
I think I will then run over to a town about 35 minutes away and check out Kmart. I haven't been in a couple of months. I like Kmart just wish it wasn't so darn far away.

What do you have planned for your day??? Anything fun? I hope so, have a Great Day!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Garage

This is a couple of pictures I took this morning of my flowers by my garage. The huge bush is the Bleeding Heart plant. I will have to take another picture in a month or so when the lillies are larger, the bee balm is all the way up and the Hibiscus is a little taller and fuller. It bloomed yesterday, Red, so pretty.
Have a great day everyone!
( the second picture is the first one I took, the flag was really crooked)
(also, yes the garage needs painted)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some of my Posies

Gerber Daisies, I love all of their wonderful colors.

Bleeding Hearts, I am awed by them.

These are Lillies, I love the colors

Monday, May 11, 2009


Well I spent the last couple of days deciding on which Posies I would be planting this year, purchasing the posies, and deciding exactly where to place them. I love spring planting. I love annuals, perinnials, weeds, I love them all.
I purchased everything I wanted, and planted them all yesterday. I did some of both annuals and periennials.
Here in our part of Ohio we are always told it is safe to plant on Mother's Day! I planted on Mother's Day!

I am headed outdoors now armed with newspaper, sheets, pillowcases, anything I can find.. That's right it is now officially after Mother's Day! and I am covering plants because we are in a Frost warning.
If my flowers survive the frost I will have the kiddos take a few pictures of them and I will post them on my blog. The kiddos love using the camera and they take great pictures, Its fun to see thru their eyes.
Well wish me luck with my Posies...
Have Fun!

I just wanted to say the weeds I am loving right now are the Wild Phlox that popped up in my back flower bed, they are so pretty. I also like Dandelions.. That's right I said it outloud and proud of it...
If they were hard to grow we would all want them, the yellow is beautiful against my grass in the yard.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kiddo Stories...

This week the kiddos have kept me busy with lots of stories. Goodness their little lives are so interesting. Chubba was going camping this weekend, He has talked about it all week, His best bud"Buddy" who also comes to daycare here at my home has heard such tales about the camping that "Buddy"wants to go with Chubba. He was invited... by Chubba (Chubba is a 4 year old boy). They were laying on their little beds for naptime I was covering them each up with thier blankets. Chubba says to Buddy "Hey when you come camping with us be sure you bring your bike".. Buddy Replies, "Yes, Sure Chubba that will be great" Chubba proceeds to tell him how far, and fast they will be able to ride their bikes at the campgrounds. I am finished covering all 6 kiddos up and Buddy says to Chubba, "Hey Chubba riding bikes at camping is going to be so much fun" he giggles.. all excited and then says.. "Hey Chubba, I thought of something, I don't have a bike.."
Those 2 boys crack me up.. it doesn't really matter if Buddy has a bike or not, because he isn't going camping with Chubba's family... He overlooked that fact.

There is never a dull moment. I am thankful everyday that we haven't had to visit the E.R. trust me when I walked into the Daycare room the other day with my mom's Breakfast Tray in my hands and saw the WEE Babe standing on the bench up to the Daycare Table I almost had a heart attack. He is almost 10 months old and has given me a head full of grey hair. He went from barely mobile to very mobile in a matter of days. He can't walk yet.. well couldn't when he left on Friday. Who knows what Monday will bring.

The other night my sisters and I took the two little princesses to the park, My Aunt, and Mom also went.. as well as my niece tinkerbell who thank goodness can still fit down the slides. Princess #1 is my niece and she is 2.. just turned 2 last week. Princess #2 is my great niece and she is 18 months old. They are two busy little girls. Princess #2 has absolutely positively no fear.. None... which is why it is good Tinkerbell could go down the slides... fast..
Princess #1 walked to the park with me.. She kept saying "I so cited, Rene, I so cited.. Run, Run" me run.. hello no that was not an earth quake.. Rene was running again.
We arrived at the park and Princess #1 changed her mind, not so excited anymore, she decides instead to look at the River, (park sits next to a creek/crick). She kept wanting to go and see the fish and frogs in the River.. We(my sis and I) quickly changed her mind. My mom and aunt went to my sisters for dinner and the princess is still telling about her great adventures at the park... mostly she wants to see the fishes at the river. Someday little girl. ( She should ask her Great Great Uncle Bob to take her to see the fishes, he took me when I was little).

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Wow I have been so busy, I can't believe the week is almost over already. I am also thankful it is Thursday. Whooo hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day and the kiddos and I can spend a couple of hours outdoors.
The kiddos were able to go outside and run today. They couldn't play on the climbers and things because they are full of puddles and there is mud under them. I am going to go to Menards and buy some of the Rubber Mulch or the Rubber Squares to put under the climber. It will have to wait until Sunday or Monday.
I filled the Step2 Sand and Water table with Sand on Tuesday. What fun that was. The kiddos hadn't played in it since the fall so it was like a brand new toy to them. The Wee Babe... Wow he loved it. When his mom came I told her his diapers could be interesting, between eating grass, sand and mandarin oranges for the first time.
Well Survivor is starting, I don't usually watch it but my Aunt is here visiting and she likes it and has me hooked.. I would love to see Coach go home tonight. Of course I want Taj to come out a winner because she is the wife of Eddie George, who played for the Buckeyes and graduated from Ohio State the same day as my Sister.
Have fun Everyone!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Favorite Man just let me down!

He did it, Its only Tuesday and he has ruined my week... He let me down.. He said the dreaded words...RAIN!!! That's right RAIN!
My Favorite Man, the Weather Guy just said the word Rain for today.. Does he not realize today is my busiest kiddy day of the entire week? Does he not realize that I have flowers I wanted to plant? Does he not realize that Rain, and 6 kids do not mix well?
Mike, oh Mike, how could you do this to me... Today!!! of all days..TAKE It Back please!
I would say he is wrong, but Weather man Mike.. is almost always right.
This means I will be inside with Chubba all day, I am tired just thinking about how many times I will have to say Chubba, inside voice, Chubba no running in the house, Chubba please quit jumping, Chubba, Chubba, Chubba..... oh goodness its going to be a long day.
I may have to hurry out to the garage and get the Water/Sand Table and bring it in the house. Hmmm I have no sand right now, Don't want to use water in the house... I think I have a new box of Cheerios, and Rice Krispies.. I could dump them in and they could play with the cars and trucks and then just maybe I won't have to say... No running, jumping, in the house. Instead I can say... Hey Hey Hey please do not dump anymore of that cereal on the floor!
I am off... Have a Great Day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

We Have a Winner!!!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and joined in my Giveaway!
The Winner is Lisa, Congratulations Lisa...

Lisa said...
I think I'd refill it in the apple cinnamon scent. I like food-y scents, and that was the only one they offered.
Lisa I left a comment on your blog letting you know you are the winner. Please email me so I can get this prize to you.
Be sure to keep checking back , More Giveaways coming up soon.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I Just wanted to remind everyone that my Giveaway is ending tonight at midnight. Also be sure to check out my sister in laws giveaway. I believe hers is ending tonight also.
Good Luck to everyone who entered.
Have Fun!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I am Tweeting Now!

Wow What a Very Very Busy Weekend and it is only Saturday. Today was my adorable niece's 2nd birthday party. All of the family were invited to my sister and brother in laws to help celebrate this Happy Day! It was so much fun. The Princess was slightly overwhelmed but she livened up quickly. She loved all of her gifts. She is growing up way to quickly. I wish they came with a slow down button.
After the Birthday party we dropped my mom off at home as she was ready for a nap, My sister M3, My aunt and I did some running around. We went to Best Buy and I purchased my new Kodak printer. I am going to attempt to hook it up tomorrow or monday. After Best Buy we had some dinner at Applebees, it was really good and we had exceptionally good service. I have noticed the last couple of times we have been out to eat lately how great the service has been, Olive Garden last week we had a great waiter, He kept calling my mom "Babe" which about did me in.. too funny.
After Applebees we made a stop at Once Upon a Child. My sister was able to find some great summer bargains for her little granddaughter, my Aunt purchased some great Cleveland Brown's items for my little cousins back in Penna.. Hi Guys!~! Miss you bunches.
After arriving home,I joined Twitter.. goodness still slightly confused by twitter but will catch on hopefully. If you stop by and Twitter be sure to hit my birdie and follow me on Twitter.

My giveaway is ending tomorrow so be sure you stop by and leave a comment, also check out my Sister In Laws giveaway at Lovemy2dogs.
Have Fun Everyone, I am!