Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thomas the Train Table

Update.... They love the Train Table, So do I.. no fighting, no tattling, Just lots of fun!!! Yeah!! money well spent.

I don't know a lot about Thomas the Train. The reason for that is until the last 2 years I have watched mostly little girls. The girls were about the Step 2 kitchen, The Little Tikes doll house, The baby dolls, the Swings on the swing set...
Then the boys invaded us, I have 2 little girls I watch, one is here 2 days a week the other is here sometimes 2, usually 1. Part timers. Boys, goodness the Boys!!!... I watch usually 5 little boys who are 3 just turning 4 and the Wee Babe who is now 10 months old. He is a boy also, I am getting a new WEE Babe in August who will be 4 months old. He is 2 weeks old now and adorable.

Anyways, the Boys are all about Trains, Balls, Trains, The Climber, Trains, The tool set, Trains, Did I mention that they love TRAINS!!! all trains.. but Thomas is their favorite. Thank goodness for free OnDemand on our cable, because I can hook them up with Thomas anytime of the day for free.

Today I had went to some Yard Sales... DUDS!!!! then I needed to get to the bank it was after 1 p.m. I am sitting in line at the bank and see a Yard Sale sign that I had missed this morning.. Boy am I glad I missed it, because she was marking things down. They had the Thomas the Train Table.. I debated, Will it fit, Will it get played with, Is there enough stuff to keep the Boys busy.. Decided it was a good deal. I got the table and a whole box of trains for $50.00.. I hope it was a good deal.. I washed it up and took some pictures, so let me know what you think about my new Thomas the Train Table.. The top 3 pictures are of the same thing.. Sorry!!! couldn't figure out how to take them off.


  1. my nephew loved the thomas the train table we found for him at a garage sale
    sorry better price though of course small town here too

    trains, cars and trucks inhabit his table
    plus the fun of crawling under the table too

  2. That's actually a great price! Those tables are usually a couple of hundred dollars, and the trains are between $10 and $20 each. That's an awesome find.
    Thanks for the air freshener/gift card giveaway. It came in the mail the other day. I love the smell, and I had never seen one of the neat flower seed giftcard things.

  3. those proces are insane btw you have an award waiting for you on my blog

  4. Just keep me in mind when you get tired of it and I will jump in my trailblazer and be on my way to pick it up for you anytime, day or night. My boys also love Thomas and they would love me forever if they came in and it was sitting in the middle of the daycare room.

    Your bro worked on the rocking chair today. It is glued, clamped and ratchet strapped. Yes, I said ratchet strapped. That was my idea. He didn't have a clamp big enough, so I used what brain I have left. It seemes to be working. So when it is finished you can come to my house and enjoy it sometime. :o) Did I type that out loud, my bad.

  5. We had this table for a few years Cole LOVED it. Had to sale it when I moved Caden in with Cole, but it was fun while it lasted :)

    Love the pics :)

  6. I think, for fifty bucks, it will be well worth the money! Especially considering that just one of those Thomas trains is almost $20 when bought new! If you think the luxury will wear off too fast, you could always schedule a particular "Train Time" part of the day and bring it out... like maybe at the end of the day as a last activity or something... so they'll always be in eager anticipation of it!

  7. Yep, I'm still following, and love your blog!!! Have a great day!

  8. I think you got a great deal. My grandson enjoys trains too. At Christmas he just watched our train go around and around. lol They are so funny!

    Have a blessed day!


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