Monday, May 11, 2009


Well I spent the last couple of days deciding on which Posies I would be planting this year, purchasing the posies, and deciding exactly where to place them. I love spring planting. I love annuals, perinnials, weeds, I love them all.
I purchased everything I wanted, and planted them all yesterday. I did some of both annuals and periennials.
Here in our part of Ohio we are always told it is safe to plant on Mother's Day! I planted on Mother's Day!

I am headed outdoors now armed with newspaper, sheets, pillowcases, anything I can find.. That's right it is now officially after Mother's Day! and I am covering plants because we are in a Frost warning.
If my flowers survive the frost I will have the kiddos take a few pictures of them and I will post them on my blog. The kiddos love using the camera and they take great pictures, Its fun to see thru their eyes.
Well wish me luck with my Posies...
Have Fun!

I just wanted to say the weeds I am loving right now are the Wild Phlox that popped up in my back flower bed, they are so pretty. I also like Dandelions.. That's right I said it outloud and proud of it...
If they were hard to grow we would all want them, the yellow is beautiful against my grass in the yard.

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  1. oh protect those lovely babies
    here we have been thrilled to finally have some rain. much needed.

    don't you love going to the street and looking at your house when the yard is all mowed and the flower are blooming!


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..