Thursday, May 7, 2009


Wow I have been so busy, I can't believe the week is almost over already. I am also thankful it is Thursday. Whooo hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day and the kiddos and I can spend a couple of hours outdoors.
The kiddos were able to go outside and run today. They couldn't play on the climbers and things because they are full of puddles and there is mud under them. I am going to go to Menards and buy some of the Rubber Mulch or the Rubber Squares to put under the climber. It will have to wait until Sunday or Monday.
I filled the Step2 Sand and Water table with Sand on Tuesday. What fun that was. The kiddos hadn't played in it since the fall so it was like a brand new toy to them. The Wee Babe... Wow he loved it. When his mom came I told her his diapers could be interesting, between eating grass, sand and mandarin oranges for the first time.
Well Survivor is starting, I don't usually watch it but my Aunt is here visiting and she likes it and has me hooked.. I would love to see Coach go home tonight. Of course I want Taj to come out a winner because she is the wife of Eddie George, who played for the Buckeyes and graduated from Ohio State the same day as my Sister.
Have fun Everyone!


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