Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Favorite Man just let me down!

He did it, Its only Tuesday and he has ruined my week... He let me down.. He said the dreaded words...RAIN!!! That's right RAIN!
My Favorite Man, the Weather Guy just said the word Rain for today.. Does he not realize today is my busiest kiddy day of the entire week? Does he not realize that I have flowers I wanted to plant? Does he not realize that Rain, and 6 kids do not mix well?
Mike, oh Mike, how could you do this to me... Today!!! of all days..TAKE It Back please!
I would say he is wrong, but Weather man Mike.. is almost always right.
This means I will be inside with Chubba all day, I am tired just thinking about how many times I will have to say Chubba, inside voice, Chubba no running in the house, Chubba please quit jumping, Chubba, Chubba, Chubba..... oh goodness its going to be a long day.
I may have to hurry out to the garage and get the Water/Sand Table and bring it in the house. Hmmm I have no sand right now, Don't want to use water in the house... I think I have a new box of Cheerios, and Rice Krispies.. I could dump them in and they could play with the cars and trucks and then just maybe I won't have to say... No running, jumping, in the house. Instead I can say... Hey Hey Hey please do not dump anymore of that cereal on the floor!
I am off... Have a Great Day!


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