Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kiddo Stories...

This week the kiddos have kept me busy with lots of stories. Goodness their little lives are so interesting. Chubba was going camping this weekend, He has talked about it all week, His best bud"Buddy" who also comes to daycare here at my home has heard such tales about the camping that "Buddy"wants to go with Chubba. He was invited... by Chubba (Chubba is a 4 year old boy). They were laying on their little beds for naptime I was covering them each up with thier blankets. Chubba says to Buddy "Hey when you come camping with us be sure you bring your bike".. Buddy Replies, "Yes, Sure Chubba that will be great" Chubba proceeds to tell him how far, and fast they will be able to ride their bikes at the campgrounds. I am finished covering all 6 kiddos up and Buddy says to Chubba, "Hey Chubba riding bikes at camping is going to be so much fun" he giggles.. all excited and then says.. "Hey Chubba, I thought of something, I don't have a bike.."
Those 2 boys crack me up.. it doesn't really matter if Buddy has a bike or not, because he isn't going camping with Chubba's family... He overlooked that fact.

There is never a dull moment. I am thankful everyday that we haven't had to visit the E.R. trust me when I walked into the Daycare room the other day with my mom's Breakfast Tray in my hands and saw the WEE Babe standing on the bench up to the Daycare Table I almost had a heart attack. He is almost 10 months old and has given me a head full of grey hair. He went from barely mobile to very mobile in a matter of days. He can't walk yet.. well couldn't when he left on Friday. Who knows what Monday will bring.

The other night my sisters and I took the two little princesses to the park, My Aunt, and Mom also went.. as well as my niece tinkerbell who thank goodness can still fit down the slides. Princess #1 is my niece and she is 2.. just turned 2 last week. Princess #2 is my great niece and she is 18 months old. They are two busy little girls. Princess #2 has absolutely positively no fear.. None... which is why it is good Tinkerbell could go down the slides... fast..
Princess #1 walked to the park with me.. She kept saying "I so cited, Rene, I so cited.. Run, Run" me run.. hello no that was not an earth quake.. Rene was running again.
We arrived at the park and Princess #1 changed her mind, not so excited anymore, she decides instead to look at the River, (park sits next to a creek/crick). She kept wanting to go and see the fish and frogs in the River.. We(my sis and I) quickly changed her mind. My mom and aunt went to my sisters for dinner and the princess is still telling about her great adventures at the park... mostly she wants to see the fishes at the river. Someday little girl. ( She should ask her Great Great Uncle Bob to take her to see the fishes, he took me when I was little).


  1. some adorable little children come to your house to play! ha ha. You may not have the title "mom" but, you sure do a lot to enrich the lives of little ones so have a good one tomorrow!


  2. Kids are so funny!

    My little Ziva could climb before she could walk. She gave me LOTS of scares! Still does come to think of it. lol

  3. Thanks for entering my contest! Your blog is very cute, and sounds like you have your hands full with all those cute kids.

  4. Well You are alot of fun! Consider yourself lucky all she was asking for was to see the fishes. My 2 1/2 year old niece called Friday and wanted me to take her to get a tatoo like her big brothers she made it very clear that she didn't want one that would wash off!!


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..