Saturday, May 30, 2009


Happy 21st Birthday Bub!

Today is my oldest nephews 21st birthday.

He is a great kid, He has the most adorable little girl..

Happy Birthday Bubby!!
Have a Wonderful Day!
(the picture is of 6 of my nieces and nephews, one is Bub!)
I don't usually put my families pictures on my site
but in this picture they are so little.. They are all almost grown up now.
Amazing Kids... They are great.

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  1. Wow those kiddos look quite familiar. I do believe that I know the one adorable little girl in the front on the left. Oh, wait a minute that is my little girl. OMG, time flies!! I remember when she wore that dress and she loved it, it was one of my cousin Sharons.


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..