Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Have you ever Met?

Have you ever met that one person in your life who loves to argue?
You know the one--
The one who when you say "Wow the sky is so beautiful and blue today" they reply"pretty, not beautiful, pretty..."

Or, you say... " I think I will leave this door open so we can get some fresh air". You know the one she says" No, No lets close the door" " I like the door closed". Errr....!!!!

She is the same one who when you say" Oh lunch looks so Yummy" "Look there is sandwiches, and fruit and salad Yummy" You know the one... She is the one who replies" No, No, I only want Cheetos!!"

She is the one who is at home taking a Nap now... after all she is only 2.... Woo baby girl wears me out...She is so cute though... makes it so much Fun!


  1. Wow, I know someone, ok two people like that except they are not 2, they are 63 and 65. Have any ideas who I am talking about?

  2. LOL, sadly, I know some adults like that.

  3. I know the type of person you are talking about but the one you speak of is so tiny and cute she may just win the battle LOL

  4. She is the winner, Trust me!!!

  5. I suspected you were talking about a two-year-old by the first sentence!!! Pufferfish is just like that!


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