Friday, April 24, 2009


Boss, Do you have a Boss? I am a "Self" employed Home Daycare Provider. I work in my "Own" home. I am "Self" Employed. Therefore I should not have a "Boss".. Right???
Goodness, sometimes that is not true, or so it seems to me.
Yesterday, 6 kiddos playing in toy room, taking turns going potty, gettting shoes on and keeping theirselves occupied while I hurry and throw a Homemade Turkey Pot Pie in the oven. I am hurrying because the sun is shining and we want to go outdoors.
Parent arrives with kiddos number 7. Final kiddo arrival of the day. She says to me... "Don't you think You should be Outside?" ERRRRRR!!!!!!!

Yes, I think we should be outside... Yes, I want to be outside, Yes, I want all of these little monkey's outdoors to breathe all of that fresh air, Yes Yes Yes..... and we are working on it.. BOSS.... but you have 1 kid and I now have 7 its 10:30 in the morning and I am only 1 person... and now you have taken my perfectly nice sunshiny day and made me a not so happy person.... Thank You Boss.....
oh goodness really I guess I was mostly flustered because that is where we wanted to be and then her saying it just Erked me big time...
I of course was nice and just replied, Yes I do think we should be outside, and Yes we are headed that way.
Heres the good news, We went outside and it was wonderful, The Sun was shining, The birds were singing,(actually they were telling us to go back inside so they could eat all the bird food in the bird feeders we filled).
It was a beautiful thing going outside with the 7 kiddos. I hope it happens again today, Only 3 kiddos today YEAH!! and no BOSS.


  1. that's so funny. i think being your own boss is worse sometimes than working for someone, because you work harder when you are watching you.


  2. OH Rene, what were you thinking? You know that us home daycare providers are not the "Boss". We actually have more bosses than a normal person who works out of the home. Most of them have their main supervisor, who has a supervisor, who has a supervisor and so on. "We on the other hand have two "Bosses" for every kiddo we watch at our house. The kiddos always determines what we do and when we do it and then at least one of their parents are always telling us what hours we are going to work and whether or not we should be doing the things we are doing. If that same child were getting ready to start kindergarten that same mother would have been saying something like "Shouldn't you be working on letters and numbers with the kids?" I think you should say to the mother when she picks that kiddo up, "Sorry to send your child home starving, but we were outside all day and, well there is no stove out there to cook with!"

    Sorry to seem so B*tchy but I had a mother forget to tell me that her child did NOT have school today until the child arrived at 3:45 this morning because the mother is too lazy to get out of the car at that time of the morning. So much for my Dentist appointment I had scheduled three weeks ago. Who's the boss there? It definitely was NOT me.

  3. I take care of my nieces during the day, but sometimes I've tried to make more money by adding extra kids to the mix. And yes, then it was just like having a Boss! For quite a while I watched two school aged kids whose mother had a long itinerary of rules for what they were not allowed to do... and the kids, who were old enough to know better, were constantly trying to get away with things, like sneaking foods they weren't supposed to have. When I'd catch them, they'd say, "our mom is just paranoid, she's crazy!" and then their mom would come scream at me for "letting" the kids break her rules!

  4. What a great story! I've got several bosses. Oh I try with all my might to be the boss but they seem to win a lot of the time!


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