Friday, April 3, 2009

3 Bags Full Sale!!

Wow, Have you ever been to a 3bag full sale. Awesome, my mom, sister M3 and I were watching the news tonight, and they started talking about the 3 Bags Full Sale that was starting at 6:30 in a town about 25 minutes from us..
Well M3 and I were bored, so off we went in the Montana.. We arrived to a packed building at the fairgrounds. Now we all know I don't have kids, but if you do this is a great sale for you. It is a Huge Consignment sale. Toys, baby furniture, clothes, strollers, everything you can imagaine.
Prices well once again I don't have kids, so prices were good (I managed to leave with a huge bag of stuff for $24.00). They are having a couple more of these sales within an hour of us. I would probably go especially if you have children. Things were new and used. They probably had about 200 Melissa and Doug puzzles and things all new, and marked down I believe they were like 35 % off and more. Also you can take your stuff to sell, of course you have to do this ahead of time, You earn 65% to 80% the price that you sell your items for, and you apparently get to name your own price. Which explains why there were similar items, similar condition with different prices.

The clothes I didn't see anything marked over $15.00 that was brandnew 3 piece Gymboree outfit, and saw things as low as a $1.00. Now if you want to find the bargains have M3 go with you.. She is a pro. She could find the cheap stuff.
Mostly it was fun to have a night out. We stopped and grabbed a pizza from my M2's pizza shop, and came home.. Great fun!
You can find a 3 Bags Full Sale near you and print coupons at
Have Fun!!


  1. Way fun! I need to see if anyone is doing that in Utah!

  2. Fun! I took my boy to a citywide yard sale last weekend, and we both had fun even though we didn't buy much.

    Thank you for visiting my blog during the UBP. I was sick and pregnant (OK, I'm still pregnant!) and am just now getting back to responding to people who stopped by!


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..