Friday, April 3, 2009

Wow, What a Week

This week has definitely had its moments. Everything from the beloved Toshiba crashing, (still not working). To winning the beloved Bumbleride Queen B stroller.
I am hoping to get the Toshiba to some help tomorrow, it needs some serious 911.
The Bumbleride Queen B, I can't wait for it to arrive, yesterday it was an absolutely beautiful spring day just the kind of day for the Queen B.
The kiddos and I played outside some in the morning, but the afternoon we ended up stuck inside, When I picked up the 2 girls from school there was a gentleman sitting on the corner with his legs in the road(very busy road) smoking a cigarette with his thumb out. Now, I am not afraid of people, I am a people person. I know most people in our town or at least have seen them. This gentleman wasn't from our town I don't believe. He was hitch hiking sitting down which is a site I have never seen.
Things were not right, I was not comfortable taking 5 children out in my back yard to play with this gentleman sitting acrossed the street. So I called the police station, after he had been there for about 15 minutes, and asked if they would just check him out. Of course no problem. I figured if nothing else if the gentleman needed help they could take care of that, plus he wasn't safe with his legs stretched out in the road. I felt better after the police came, they did take him, but not in cuffs or anything so maybe he just had broke down or something and needed a kind helping hand.
I feel bad that I was so wary of him, I can remember a time I would of asked him if he needed something. Hmmm wondering now, would that of been stupid, or not...kindness not what it used to be.
Have a great day everyone.
Remember to keep praying for Baby STellan and the Mckfamily.

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  1. You forgot to tell me about the man on the street last night when I was talking to you. I don't think I would have taken them out either. You never know about them anymore, maybe the "Z" knows what happened to him.


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..