Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Today is the day it looks like Baby Stellan will be having his surgery. I am going Orange for him today. Remember Stellans color is Orange, his bracelets are Orange also you can still purchase bracelets on MckMama's website. If you go Orange for Stellan today take pictures, You can then submit them to MckMama's site and she will be able to see all of the support they have from their blogger friends. Stellan has had a rough 24 hours. MckMama has had a rough 24 hours also. Thank goodness her dad is able to be with her right now. Please keep Stellan and the entire MckMama family in your prayers today. You can click on Stellan's button on the right for updates, also I have added them to my blog roll on the left. When you are on MckMama's site and if there is no updates remember on the left hand side you can read her Tweets from Twitter. They will help with updates.


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