Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Virus!!!

It has happened..... The Toshiba Laptop has caught some kind of Virus...I am not able to open Internet Explorer at all on the Laptop.. So this means I am resorting to using Old Faithful. The HP upstairs that is about 7 years old. Good computer, slower than most, but Faithful.
I am hoping the gentleman in our town who has fixed computers for me before calls and lets me know if he has time to look at the Laptop which is just a little over a year old.
My blogging will be cut in down by about 3/4's because usually I use the Laptop during naptime to hit all the blogs and see what is new in the world.
I will miss you all, all the coupons, money saving hints, household hints, family news, giveaways, BooHoo!!! I am sad.. This is a horrible way to have to get over my addiction.
So I will be back.. Give me time...
Have a Wonderful Time and watch out for those nasty bugs..


  1. Just wanted to say Congratulations again!! You worked hard for that Bumbleride Lava Queen B Stroller from over at Momdot. Good Job!!

    And your Bro, my Hubby, told me that you told him that you quit telling me about your winnings because I was getting mad. I don't get mad, I was just joking with ya. If I entered more I would win more. Which yesterday I won $50 worth of Energizer rechargable batteries and a Fiber One live giveaway.

    I can't wait to use the stroller, so see why would I be upset you won..hehe

  2. maybe all that bloggin is where you got that virus


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..