Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Package Arrived!

I have once again told my UPS man Gene that I love him... Do you blame me.. he brings the most wonderful Packages to my house. Look what he brought last week.. Just looking at the outside of the box was enough to make me declare my Love for the UPS man. Over at Mommygaga.com I entered the Big G/Hot Wheel Prize Pack.. and I was lucky enough to Win!
The outside of the box was enough to cause great excitement with the Daycare kiddos!!! OOOH!!! Whats inside???
All Kinds of Goodies.. 5 Large boxes of Big G Cereal to start.. This Made me smile.. Do you know how much Cereal these kiddos eat?
Heres the Goodies.. 5 Boxes of Cereal, 3 Hot Wheel Ball Caps, 3 Hot Wheel TShirts, a HotWheel Stunt and Dunk Set, a Set of The Pull Back Racers.. Oh.. what fun we have had with this box..

Thank you Mommygaga.com and Thank you HotWheels and Big G!!


  1. way to go! I always wonder if someone really wins things... I bet the kids loved the box too..

  2. Patty.. this is why I am constantly posting the linky to giveaways.. I have won lots of great stuff.. I won a $500.00 baby stroller.. The Queen B from Bumbleride.. that was the first time I proclaimed my love for Gene the UPS man..
    Last month I won a Chex giveaway.. Boxes of Chex cereal and a gift card to Kroger... Love it!!!!
    You should enter you would be surprised.. In December I won a $100.00 gift card to Hasbro Toys.. Hello a $100.00 of free toys for the Kiddos.. Love it!

  3. O M G you are so lucky

    i am jealous

    yet happy too!



Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..