Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ICE, Splits.. One Set, Enough!

Ice... We have lots of it this morning... What a Mess!!
I have been slowly trying to clear my driveway..
Here is some of the Ice I have broke up..
Then I shovel it off to the side of the driveway.
Did you realize that Ice is very, very slippery.... Very.. VERY Slippery!!
See that spot where it looks like Water under the Ice..
Yep.. Thats a Really, Really Slippery Spot!
That is where I performed the SPLITS for my neighbors.
They didn't laugh.... at first..
They gave me an 8.. said I didn't have great Style~!
Excuse me.. I think I deserved a 10 for being able to get up again~!
So I scraped all I had broken up and the Ice wins.. I'm done..
I am just sure that if I went out again..
There would be a Repeat performance of the Splits.
Don't think these old bones could take it.
The Fence Row is sure pretty.. with all of the ice on the branches.
Here is the Fence Row...
If you have Ice at your house... Be Careful.. those SPLITS can happen with no Warning!!!


  1. wow... it is beautiful and that is alot of ice.. be careful.. I would be salting it and letting that work for awhile.. then it is easier to get off.. and as for the splits... I think they need to take a video so we can ALL judge for ourselves if you get a 10!!!!

  2. Patty.. I have used a bag and a half of Salt this morning.. plus I spread some out last night as a friend said maybe it would help it not freeze so much or so fast..
    As it thaws I was pushing the salted ice over on the other and letting it start to thaw it.. I decided to Heck with it.. Giving up..
    Thank goodness no one took a video.. That would be a sight!!

  3. Jr put salt out this morning and it did absolutely no good what so ever. We just have to be careful. I managed to go to the mailbox and back and to town and back and not fall. Woot! I hope you are okay, I am sure you will feel it tomorrow if you don't already.

  4. so just asking....what is everyone saying about you? I mean we know your not lazy...but what are you....do you know? Oh yeah your that split sitting lady! We gotcha!


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..