Friday, September 25, 2009

Some things you should not change...

There are some products that you buy that you should NEVER change!!!
I found this out by accident.
I have used the same brand of Hair Color for years!!! Always a choice of 2 shades..
Well lately I have been attempting to cut corners, Working on saving some money on the budget and ummm There was some Hair Coloring on sale at our new Discount Drug Mart (My favorite store). I purchased the little green box...
I purchased the same exact color that I usually use in a different brand. LIGHT Golden Brown... ummmm My hair is now a Dark Brown with Red. How did this happen?? Now What??? I am hoping after I wash it about 20 times a day it will lighten up some.
Its not that it is a bad color its just really dark. I used to be blonde, I even used to use the blonde hair coloring.. Then I moved on to the LIGHT brown. LIGHT brown was a good color for me... This LIGHT brown on my head just isn't what I wanted. I do look like I am ready for fall now with this brown, with red going on... Like a tree changing leaf color..
So I learned when you find a product that you love... DO NOT save a couple of bucks and buy a different one... Change is not good.


  1. Think how great you will look once all those leaves have fallen off that tree!!!!!!

  2. I've had similar hair coloring experiences. Sometimes certain things are worth a few dollars more.

  3. Oh, so now your hair is dark like mine. You loved my color so much that you wanted to be just like me didn't you. I always knew that I am your favorite sister-in-law. hehe Thanks for wanting to be like me! lol


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..