Monday, September 14, 2009

New Normal!!

The New Normal!!
If there is such a thing, The New Normal for our family include:
Mom's Cancer
No Treatment
A Great Nurse Rosemary
A Wonderful Aide Tammy
Changes of Sheets
Mountains of Laundry
Ensure by the gallons
Ice Cream and Ensure Shakes at 2 a.m
Mom not eating
Oxygen Concentrator in the middle of the Bedroom
Oxygen Tubing Changes
Oxygen Water Changes
Not much Sleeping
Baby Monitor so we can hear Mom thru the house.
How did all these things become NORMAL....
I liked the Old Normal better...


  1. horried when we look back and realize our norm changed
    and also that we dont see how we can get back to what was
    flexible people we are and being there for mom's is what we do
    keep it up and be glad she is beside you sipping that ensure

  2. I know YOUR normal has definitely changed as has the rest of the family. But, not as much as yours. I do know that you would never have it any other way. When I say that I mean that you would never have anyone else taking care of your mama. You are a very strong person and I truly admire you for that. When I grow up, I want to have the strength to carry the loads you carry and handle the stress that you handle. We love you and appreciate the things you are doing!!

  3. Rene, I just want to give you my love, thoughts and prayers for you right now. I know it is not much but your in my heart.

  4. I know it's bound to be hard, and I can't imagine what it would be like to have to go through that, but consider the alternative (other than her being healthy). My mom passed away when I was 13. I knew she was "kind of" sick but I didn't realize how bad. I knew she had to go to the hospital every few months and get her tummy drained, but she never let on how bad it was, until one morning in the wee hours she woke me up screaming and having hallucinations. She passed later that day. I have always regretted her not being completely honest with me about everything, and not having the chance to tell her things, do better as a daughter and so on. At 13 I was pretty rebellious.I'm sorry I guess I thought I was typing on my blog. HaHa! Some of y'all's stories just touch me right where it counts and I can't help myself.
    I'll try and not write a book next time.

    Love ya!



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