Monday, November 16, 2009

A Cold!!!

I have a Cold... Thats right, runny nose, scratchy throat, little headache, maybe a fever. Problem with me having a Cold is this.... It makes me GROUCHY!!! that's right people Grouchier than normal so beware. Keep Away!!!
I think one of my Daycare Babies may of decided to share his cold with me that he had last week. He showed up at my house today feeling fine. No sign of a cold in sight. Thats not fair. I hope mine is gone in 3 days.
Well I am going to go and make me some Oatmeal for supper. I know, I know Oatmeal, supper, with a cold. I know Chicken noodle soup but Oatmeal just sounds really good and warm and yummy.
Take care everyone. Stay away from My Daycare Babies.. they are willing to share their Germs with anyone!


  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon! I hope my daycare kiddos don't share their germs with me, I have one that missed this weekend because he was diagnosed with H1N1 on Friday. Hopefully he did not have it when I had him last weekend. I do not have time for that crap.

    Are you still having problems leaving comments on my site? No one has been complaining but I also haven't had many comments.

    Guess what? Your Bro fixed supper tonight! Yummy Tacos! And they weren't from Taco Bell. I am so proud of him, and soooooo Thankful!!

  2. why is it we catch a cold, never a hot?
    ok, silly I know. Love oatmeal, almost as much a breakfast rice.
    Hope your better in two shakes of a second...don't know the meaning there but it is how fast I was suppose to get home as a child.


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..