Thursday, November 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Here are a few pictures of my new home.
This is the front entry way.
Another shot of the entry, I am getting a full glass storm door put on, also contemplating painting the front door country red. I think it will look nice with the yellow house.
Family Pictures in the Hallway

Another shot of the Family Pictures in the hallway.
They are black and whites except for one..
Wonder who the baby in pink is...

Corner of the Living Room.
I love Americana...
I also love Country.

Another wall in the Living Room

This is the wall going into the kitchen.
I didn't realize how messy the bakers rack looks.

The kitchen

A few things up on the cabinets and my new red star.
You can't really tell walls are yellow but they are in the kitchen.

The kitchen, I am going to get one of the microwaves that installs above the stove. Just have to save enough money for it.
Soon I hope!

Well that's the main part of my new home sweet home.
I love living here.
The neighbors are super nice, the cat and dog love it here as well.
The yard is great.
A huge thanks to my 2 sisters who helped decorate, A bigger Thanks to my moving men.. and ladies, and girls, and boys... Everyone. I have a great family, and great friends.
A big thanks to the Painters.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my home.


  1. thanks for the home tour i enjoyed it
    i agree the country red door would look great
    i adore the white rocking chair
    cool with all the american me and my hubby wanted to do that for our bedroom but i am also swing toward the yellow and blue idea

  2. House looks great - Sissy sure knows how to hang things. Entryway looks very welcoming as all your houses always do and anyone who comes inside knows how welcoming you and your family are. Not sure yet if we are coming for turkey but will be letting you know soon. Gotta go get some bacon and eggs for breakfast Joe cooked - the smell is getting to me. Love, Aunt Linda

  3. Love the look of your new home and I am amazed that you have all that decorations up on the walls!

  4. Love your home! These pics are awesome. Isn't it a wonderful feeling once you are all moved in?

  5. oh it looks so nice and welcoming! I love the rocking chairs at the front door!!!

  6. It looks lovely! Congratulations to you ;D
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway!
    Have a great week :D


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..