Saturday, November 21, 2009

Todays the Day!!!!!

Update~~ The Buckeyes Win~~ 21-10 Go Bucks!!!
Update!~ half time: OSU 14-Michigan 3
Today's The Day!!!
The Day that Buckeye Fans wait for all year long.

Today is the Day where the Brutus Buckeye in all of us comes out.. We will be sporting our Scarlet and Grey, We will have blown up Brutus in our Yards, We will be flying our Ohio State Buckeye Flags. There will be people with their bodies painted Scarlet and Grey.

Today... hopes and dreams could come true... This man.. Today!! Mr. Tressel we are hoping and dreaming that Today is the day we want it to be.. We want to Beat MICHIGAN!!!!!
GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok.. I now have to go and eat about of a dozen of these delicious buckeye candies, Eat chips and dip, and probably chili.. and enjoy this day!!! For those who are not a buckeye fan.. You HAVE to eat buckeyes on game day!!! Have to.. Yummy so glad to be a Buckeye!
GO BUCKS!!!!!!!

Just wanted to say to my buddies Nick, Chuck, Tyler, Joey, Drew, Justin, Heathy,
Go Bucks!!!!!!
to my adorable niece Susie Q... Ummm I hope you have a great day, hahaha!!! not really...(she likes that blue team from up north).


  1. I just had to send Susie Q the O-H-I-O wave and Michigan sucks wave on Facebook, I just couldn't help myself. hahahehe

  2. was awake since 330 and still going strong dont know why i do this


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..