Saturday, January 31, 2009

Windsor Was Great Fun!!!!

My "boys" and I went to Windsor, Canada today. Oh what a fantastic time we had. Anyone who knows me knows my "boys" are the boys I worked with at the Pizza Shop. They are terrific "kids". Today BabySmurph,Chuck Dawg, Tall and Skinny, and Big Joe and myself took a field trip in the new minivan. Loving the van. The trip up was very short no traffic and clear roads and we made it in just over 2 hours. The casino was fun and good news we left plenty of money there for all the others. We walked about 2 very very cold blocks down to a wonderful place to eat call Papa Chaneys. Yummy, if you go get the Poutaine. We got the small and shared it. It was terrific, The Pierogies of every kind were also at our table. They were fantastic. The service was superb. The trip home was almost 4 hours long, a huge detour, a missed exit and blowing and drifting snow. We didn't really mind as the company was good.
Have a Great day!!!
Oh Yes I have WON!! from the wonderful Bloggy Giveaways.
I will put the details of what I won with pictures in a future post. Also from what wonderful bloggers. Thanks!!


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