Monday, July 27, 2009

Stellan Prayers Needed Please

I know that a lot of my readers are familiar with MckMama and her entire MckFamily. They could definitely use everyone praying for them.

Little Stellan is not doing well at all. Last update says they are waiting to be MedFlighted back to Boston. Stellan has been back in SVT for 3 days. His heart is not working right at all. His organs(kidneys) are failing. He is a very sick baby.

I am just asking if anyone has the time and would like to please stop over at MckMama's blog and leave her a message.. Well a message for the entire family.

If you tweet on twitter be sure to use any of the hashtags to show the MckFamily support. #stellan , #prayforstellan , #prayingforstellan.

Also everyone is going Orange for Stellan, wearing orange, Turning backgrounds Orange, Text is Orange. Anything to show their support for this family.

The last update on Twitter said that MckMama and her Prince Charming were visiting with her big kids (4 years old and under) and then they were going to both go to Boston with Stellan on medflight. Bostonians you may be needed to help the MckFamily again... you are a great community you proved it before..

Here is the link to MckMama's website and also her twitter name so you can follow her on Twitter.


  1. MckMama,
    I will not stop praying for Stellan, your family, (of course you too !!!)
    all medical prof. who have a hand in Stellans care, the pilots to & from Boston, really anyone who is or will come into Stellans life at this time.
    MckMama, you opened your heart & life to us with your blog.
    I strongly feel it is the least "we" can do to show how very much we stand behind you & yours.
    I also feel strongly... that the power of prayer is heard and has such a strong uniting bond effect.
    From one Mother to another...
    Please know, if I lived in your neck of the woods or Boston I would personally offer up whatever might be a helping hand.
    Also please know in your heart...
    my prayers, my spirit and my heart are with you, MckMama every step of the way.
    Stellan is a very special child and you Jennifer are a very special woman who I am privledge to call a sista in prayer, motherhood, some beliefs and someone I have learned new ways from.
    Daily I look forward to "poppin' " on you. Needless to say I enjoy your blog very much.
    Prince Charming, Big Mac, McNugget & Small Fry are right up there with Stellan and Yourself in the Very Special People Dept.
    God Bless Each One Of You Always.
    With Love To A Sista in Motherhood,

  2. Thanks for posting about McMama and Stellan... I'll be praying for them!

  3. Thanks for keeping us updated on this little one. I'll be praying for the family...


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