Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sock Monkeys

I just had to show you these adorable Sock Animals that I bought at Sam's Club. They are absolutely adorable. My favorites are the Bright Colored Striped Sock Monkeys. I also love the Frog, the Dog, and the Elephant..
They were so reasonably priced. You get 2 of the Sock Animals for only $9.98. They are individually boxed so you can give them as gifts. I am going to use these for gifts for my Daycare Kiddos at Christmas.
I love that they are stuffed with fiber made from recycled bottles. GReen is good. Also they are great for any age as they don't have any buttons or anything. They are embroidered very safe for little ones.
They were going very fast at our local Sam's.. So you better hurry to get them.


  1. Ok, so my daycare kids just saw the sock monkeys and now they all want one. Thanks for causing problems at my house with the kiddos. That's just what I needed, a bunch of kids saying "No!! I want that one! You can't have it, cause I am getting it!

    Way to go, see if I get online quick enough to see if you have posted anything new. Man, what what I thinking? I guess that I wasn't thinking very well was I?


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..