Monday, August 3, 2009

Staycation Week 1

Until about 2 months ago I had never heard of a Staycation.
Never really thought I would be having a Staycation, I love Vacations!
Why would I want to have a 2 week Staycation?
Well things come up and sometimes you have to make the best of it...
Enter My 2 week Staycation.

It has been great. I have gotten some projects around the house done. I have read a couple of books. I had dinner a couple of nights with some of "My Boys". One on One with them is as much fun as being with them in a group. Big Joe and I hit Chipotle one night, Tbone and I went to Hong Kong for lunch.. great fun. I have had the time to spend with my some of my nieces and nephews.. My great niece was over for a visit what fun.. She is honestly too cute. My niece the Princess has been over and her and I visited a Green House.. She is 2 and the best back seat driver..."Aunt Rene slow down, You are going to fast, I most missed that Big REd barn"... I was going 50 in a 55.. but slowed down for her so she wouldn't miss seeing the world.
Hoping to grab my niece & nephew M & G and go to Sonic for half priced Slushies this week.. They helped me win a gift card and we have been looking forward to going.

Saturday was great fun on my Staycation. My 2 sisters M3 and M6, my niece Tinkerbell and I went on a day trip. We started at Trader Joe's decided that there was too much we wanted there that needed taken straight home to the fridge. So we decided to shop a little grab lunch then back to Trader Joes. M6 and I went to Crate and Barrel and M3 and my niece ran into Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble is not safe for me I would love to spend my entire Staycation in there.
Then we had lunch... We lunched at The Cheesecake Factory, Out on the patio.. What a great place. Great Service, Great Food, Great Atmosphere. After lunch back to Trader Joes.. Oh My!!! Trader Joes I will be back. I really liked that store and they had so many items that I haven't tried. Prices were terrific. Bananas 19 cents a pound.. Unheard of here in town they are 59 cents a pound.

Sunday, Oh Sunday another terrific day... "My Boys" and I had a spur of the moment thought that we would find something to do and get out of "Dodge". Well it ended up at first only 1 would be able to go.. Work, families, lack of funds, all kinds of conflicts arose. CDawg and I made plans to drive to a casino, and then work our way back finding things to do. Honestly we all would be glad just to get in the car and drive spending time chatting. The whole bunch of us are that way. Ended up that "My Boy" The BabySmurph, and my sis M3 were able to join us after all..
Oh what fun, We went to the Casino where BabySmurph was only allowed pretty much in the lobbies and the restaurant. We took turns being with him and being in the casino. He is only 19.. The baby of the bunch. We then left Indiana and came back to Ohio.. Went to Jungle Jim's.. Have you been.. OH MY GOODNESS, Loudest, Busiest, Largest, Wildest grocery store (Market) I have ever been to in my life. It was so overwhelming.
After Jungle Jim's it was time to start heading home.. We all wanted to eat somewhere that wasn't fast food, that you sat down and are served and where we don't ever eat.. IHOP fit the bill. Ok.. the food was great, the service was fantastic, They honestly give you way too much food. I left half of mine there. Omelettes that are amazing, but they come with Pancakes on the side. Yummy!!
Well that was pretty much week 1 of my Staycation, Going into the final week I have a few plans. I am having "My Boys" for dinner, I am hoping my book Julie & Julia arrives so I can quickly read it and then go to the movies this weekend to see it. Hoping to spend more time with my family this week. I am going to call some of my nieces to see if they want to make a "date" to see Julie & Julia with me.. That would make it that much more fun.
I hope all of you are either having a Staycation, or a Vacation... Just remember to Enjoy!!!


  1. Ok so you have me totally confused. I am lost on the M's I take it you don't go from oldest to youngest. Because I thought M3 went to the casino and M6 was the princess's mommy, and I married M4. lol You are definitely going to have to clear that up for me. Which M did I marry? lol hahahaha

  2. btw nice 2 see u again
    thanks 4 the comment
    & i want CHEESECAKE

  3. OK I have never heard of Jungle Jim's but I totally want to go there! I don't even have a Trader Joe's in my neighborhood. A shopping trip there would be a vacation to me! Sounds like you're having a great time!

  4. Oh, sounds fun! I sooo need one of those!

  5. I wish that I could have a staycation too. I suddenly realized that I'll be more relaxed by just staying in the house than the usual trips to different places. By staying in, I'll be able to just be myself and be with my family enjoying a good movie together or just laughing together while sharing funny and crazy stories. I appreciate you sharing this to us. Reading your post was like I got to enjoy your experiences also. Thank you very much. Keep on posting.

  6. We're right in the middle of our staycation, but I can't take it so we're taking off for a 4 day vacation from our staycation, lol!


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