Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bears.... Smart!!!

With winter here there are days that I feel like this big old Grizzly Bear.. Just plain ole Cranky!!!! I seem to get Cabin Fever really fast anymore.
The Grizzly side of me wants winter to just go away... So I was thinking maybe... I could be a little more like the Bear. Hibernation!!! I could Hibernate. I mean Bears sleep from about October until April or even May!!! Hello do you know how happy I would be with that much sleep, and they lose weight while they are in Hibernation.

This beautiful Brown Bear says it all... Bears are Smart.
Sleeping, staying warm, and losing weight. I am going to be a Bear in my next life.

Now I know all bears don't hibernate. That their surroundings, the weather all kinds of things can mess them up. The reason I know this is my Aunt has had a Bear visiting her porch the last few weeks. He loves her bird feeders. Crazy Bear go take a nap!!!


  1. I certainly wish that I could hibernate. Just think, we could eat and eat and eat...............then wake up skinny. How great would that be?

  2. If you want to be a bear, you have to move to Chicago (Get it, Chicago Bears!)
    What are you going to do about this cold weather when you get old, I mean older...??? It would be boring if the weather wasn't cold...how could anyone ride snowmobiles, ice skate, ice fish, ride down hill, make snowmen, etc. Come on!!!

  3. I just saw your name over on Cameo's blog and had to come comment. I have an Aunt Rene, and my first name is Rene. Do you pronounce it ReeNee like we do or like Rene'?


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..