Thursday, December 16, 2010

Don't You Want to Accomplish More In Life??

Recently I had someone ask me.. Don't you want to Accomplish More in your Life??? Are you satisfied with your Life??
After about a 20 second pause... I answered...
Yes, I am very happy with what I have Accomplished.... and I am very Satisfied with my Life.... But Are you???
This person has a fantastic job, makes lots of money, has a beautiful home, drives a brand new car, has a family.... But this person seems to have no joy in anything except going to work... Never any stories about family time..
Anyway, that is what they have Accomplished and its wonderful for them..
Me... I am thrilled that one of my Accomplishments is that the Daycare Kiddos are happy to see me each morning and greet me with a smile on their face.
I feel very Accomplished that the parents trust to leave their children in my care.
I think one of my greatest Accomplishments is the relationship I have with my Family and friends...
So Do I want to Accomplish more... Sure, I would love for my greatest Accomplishment to be to meet each day with Joy!! Hoping to have lots of those days...
Am I satisfied with my Life!!! You bet your bottom dollar I am satisfied... was met with smiling faces this morning...Happy parents going off to work, 3 critters who are happy I am taking care of them... but more importantly I woke up this morning..... and I am finding joy in the day.. Very satisfied with Life...
Oh... and My greatest accomplishment this morning.... Both bathrooms are clean!!! WooHOO!!! its a great day!!!!


  1. that does sound like a very great day!

  2. I just have to share this with you!
    here is one lil acomplishment for you

  3. What?? Who asked you this?? What a crazy person! YOU would be the last person I would ever think was unhappy with what they have accomplished in their lifetime. You are always happy and bubbly (sometimes it makes me jealous). You are always smiling and looking forward to starting each and every day. That person must sometimes wonder what it would be like to be in your very accomplished and happy shoes!


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..