Monday, December 6, 2010

Fisher Price Nativity...and the Puppy

I purchased the Fisher Price Nativity a couple of years ago for the Daycare Kiddos..
They love it. I only pull it out during the holidays so its a new toy every year.
This year... I forgot that Miss Lucy had come to live with us. Miss Lucy is... well a Lively Puppy. She is a year old but she is busy and fast.
I caught Miss Lucy with the camel from the nativity which is set up on the coffee table in her mouth.. I told her to DROP it.. and she did. I picked it up and put it where it belongs... then I left the room.
When I arrived back the poor camel was laying on the floor and his nose is missing.. Thats right she ate his nose right off. I was heartbroken. I have contacted Fisher Price in the hopes of purchasing a replacement camel.. If I can't I guess I will have to buy another nativity because we can't have it without the camel.
If you have small Kiddos in your house they will love the Fisher Price LIttle People Nativity... if you have a Puppy.. Hide the Camel!!


  1. What camel, I don't see one in the pic. what color is it?

  2. Its brown.. what color did ya think it would be.. purple.. Its not in the picture and I didn't realize that at the time I posted it.. Fisher price gave me the website for replacement parts.. I can buy it with the other figures.. you get a total of 14 figures for $20.00.. I will probably just order it and then I will have extras in case something happens to another piece of the set.


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..