Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beautiful Sunshine Filled Days

The last few days here in North Central Ohio have been Beautiful, Sunshine Filled Days... Our Temp has been above normal.. in the 80's... record highs.
I am not complaining about this weather. I love it.. The kiddos love it, the dogs love it.. Its Wonderful. I will say all of this fresh air definitely wears me out..
The nice thing about the weather is all of the flowers are blooming, the trees and bushes are budding.. its a beautiful time of the year.. I love it..
Happy Spring!!!! Enjoy!!!!!


  1. Was beautiful here for most of the day too. House/Dog sitting for friends. So loved it when Princess Emma stopped by for a swim in the hot tub with me!

  2. That sounds great!!!!
    Fun with the kiddos..

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