Saturday, October 10, 2009

Monster Cookies

This Huge Gorgeous Pot holds some Yumminess!!!
Do you want to see whats in this Pot?
Ok, I will take the top off and show you...
NO Touching!!!

Thats Right its Monster Cookie Dough...look at all of those Chocolate Chips, M&M's, Mini Reese Pieces.. Delicious.

Here it is all ready to go into the oven..
I love little M&M's and chocolate chips in every cookie.

Here they are cooling before I send them off to family and friends.. I only baked a few dozen the rest of the dough is in the refrigerator, the freezer, and I took some to my Sister.

I had my sister send me her Monster Cookie recipe because I haven't made them in years. Why should I she always does and there is always plenty. Well she gave me the recipe with a sweet little note on the end how she always doubles it... Ok... I will do that too... Here is my words of wisdom for today..
First if you are a great cook doesn't mean you will be a good Baker.. Too much darn measuring.. I don't like baking.
Second.. Don't double a Monster Cookie Recipe unless you have a Really BIG bowl... I doubled it... I didn't have a big bowl. At one time I had that pile of dough in 4 bowls... then I remembered the POT.. the Family Spaghetti Pot.. It worked perfectly for a mixing bowl for a double batch of monster cookies.
Ok.. just so you have a rough idea whats in a double batch..
4 cups of sugar
20 cups of Oats.. thats right 20...
12 eggs.. yes a whole entire dozen
Whole bag of M&M's
and lots of other great stuff.. they are great...
If you want the recipe let me know I will email it to you.
Your kiddos will love the Monster Cookies perfect for a fall treat.


  1. Get this, today Cheyanne and I made sugar want to know how many...we made the recipe times 6!!! That's right...we have cookies, cookies, and more cookies....all painted and decorated. Most of them will go to the little guys football game tomorrow to sell at the concession stand. There are lot of black helmets with orange "T's", white helmets with red and blue "C's" (Canton) and lots of brown footballs, orange pumpkins, colorful fall leaves and on and on. Cheyanne took some home with her. She used the little copper cookie cutters that I used to make cookies 100 years ago when you guys came down from Alaska for Christmas or whatever.
    I bought some of those Wilton edible markers to use but I'm not sure if they were worth the money or not.
    I know, it was quality time well spent and Cheyanne sticks right with it. She is really good at it. I know, Gretchen would have enjoyed it, too; but next time!!!

  2. OMGoodness, we love Monster cookies, one of your Bro's favorites, so are you sending some our way?? Great post by the way. "R" and I ended up at BDubs today instead of chinese and it was great. She talked me into buying some halloween cookie cutters by telling me she would make me some sugar cookies, my personal favorite. We went to RC's 40th birthday party tonight and had a great time. I so needed some adult time.

  3. aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!
    I can't have 'em dang it!
    I see all the lovely calories just sitting there staring up at me saying......EAT ME NOW!


  4. They look yummy even though I don't need 'em but since I should qualify under the family and friends getting some so I will be watching my mail. I'm sure you will have a lot of people willing to help eat them. Miss your cooking but I going to start using my crockpot a lot more.

  5. Yummy Yummy I need that in my tummy. I have birthday party this weekend those would be perfect thanks much


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