Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Moving... Again!

On Sunday evening I was taking my little 2 year old niece for a ride in my van. She loves to go riding around town and checking out all the sites. She likes to see our towns Water Tower. I always enjoy spending time with her and this is great fun for us both. We were cruising around town looking at Halloween decorations and then she saw the Water tower so we went to check it out. Its a great Water Tower.... Well good thing I like looking at that Water Tower because right across the street is my new house!!! That's right while looking at the water tower on Sunday evening I found this adorable little house across the street.

Its a relatively new home. 2 years old, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, living room, kitchen, laundry room. I love that it has a 2 car garage. It has a nice yard. its just a nice little house. I can start moving in today. We are painting hopefully starting tomorrow.

I am hoping to start moving by the end of the week or the first of next week. Luckily my family has jumped right in and offered lots of help. My friends have also offered help and the night that I found the house I really wanted to look at it. I received the keys that night.. it was dark, there is no electric in the house. So luckily one of "My Boys" grabbed some flashlights and went with me to check out the house in the dark. Then he is so nice that he stayed at the house and I went and sat with my little niece who was sleeping and my sister ran over and checked out the house in the dark. Can't help it.. we like to get things done right away. We are not patient people.
Well if anyone has any spare time I need painters, and movers. Oh and I have to buy a new electric stove and a washer and dryer. That will keep me busy shopping. A lot of changes going on.. I hope that by the first of the year I can be settled and just be ready to live life. Changes are good, but honestly the last 6 months I have had many. Change is good in small doses.. especially when you are as old as I am... Stop by and see us at the new house, we will be painting.


  1. This is a cute little house, and NO stairs again. Ok, this has got to be your last move, the men in your famiy are getting to old to keep doing this. lol I am afraid that since I am such a klutz I am not sure that I should be helping. You know, since I have no health insurance right now..........LMAO

  2. You don't waste any time there lady! I hope that this house is all that you want and need and provides you with many lovely memories.

  3. Stopping over to let you know that your have an award from me @ http://lovemy2dogs.blogspot.com/2009/10/i-was-given-award-today.html

    I know, one more thing for you to do. hahahehe

  4. super cute I love it congratulations on your new home NOW lets see pictures of the inside


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