Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yes, I know that Taxes are due on April 15th. Yes, I also know that today is April 13th.. I am trying to get them done. I will admit I have procrasitinated horribly on this task. First I have never done Taxes as a home daycare provider. Second, all of my mom's paper work was mixed in with my stuff for taxes and I wasn't looking forward to digging through all of that paper work. So I put it off.
Well I guess I can't put it off any longer. I worked on them this morning and have most of the information ready for the Tax papers. My sister is going to help me out Thank Goodness for her.. I don't know what I would do otherwise. She also does a home daycare and does her own taxes on the computer. She always did my mom's and knows what she is doing. Thankfully she is willing to give me a hand.
So... Do you have your Taxes done yet??? If not.. Ummm its April 13th you might want to go ahead and do that now!!!
Good Luck!!!
Thanks Mel!!

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Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..