Thursday, June 25, 2009


Summertime Fun

I love Summer, I love Spring more, but summer is fantastic.

I love the blooming flowers, the smell of fresh mowed grass, spending lots of time outside with the kiddos. Time spent sitting on my front porch just enjoying the Summer Breeze.

I hope you are having some Summer Fun.

Front Porch, Rocking Chairs galore
Come and Rock for a while

You will love it.

The Kiddos Shoes,

They like to leave them like this...soooo....

they can do this....

Barefootin' its the Best of Summertime

We are having a great summer so far.
I have had fun taking pictures this summer and have a few I would
love to have made into large prints, poster prints, or just enlargements.

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  1. I love your front porch. I love going bear foot.

  2. what great photos for the uprint contest. i like the bare feet the most! what my college girl would do to be able to walk in the grass bare foot. she is allergic to chiggers so no chance for her.

  3. Wow Rene, those are some great pictures. You told me they weren't so great, what were you thinking??

  4. Hi Rene! Your summer snapshots are creative! I suddenly remembered my summer vacations in my granny’s house. She also has a huge grassy yard where my cousins and I would play a lot, have our barbeques and sometimes play with water!

    Yep you could have the second and third photos enlarged so when the kids grow up, they’d guess whose legs and feet are those. You can even have the second one in black and white too to make it look a little nostalgic, hehe…

  5. I love everything you do! THanks for following me and good luck with my giveaway

  6. Those are great pictures! I love your front porch, so nice.

  7. Love that front porch... absolutely beautiful!!!


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