Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gingerbread House

I bought a Gingerbread House Kit at Walmart recenty. It was made by Wilton. I liked it because the House was actually already put together the kids and I just had to decorate it. This is what it looked like out of the box. It came with a few assorted candies, Gumdrops, and little round candy balls. We added some leftover candy and cookies.
The Daycare kiddos loved doing this project.
The Candy Corn and little Oreos left from Halloween worked perfectly.
The Wilton set was really nice except I had a problem with the icing which was included. You were supposed to add water and it was supposed to be as thick as toothpaste.
Didn't work. Thank goodness my sister stopped by and saw the mess we were making. She ran to her house and got us some good ole Pillsbury frosting. Worked beautifully.

These kits are very reasonably priced at only $10.00.
They have several other kits available.
Check them out on your next trip to Walmart..
PS... does anyone else call it Wally World???


  1. Turned out pbettere than ours which was NOT premade. We had to add a ton of water to our frosting to make it work... I don't know what the toothpaste instruction was all about, ours said that too and it was so wrong!

  2. I bought your darling nice Roo one for her to put together. I am not sure what the 20 year old would do with out her yearly gingerbreaed house. I myself at 29, have never put one together. Hopefully ours does not have the same problem. Did I say ours? I meant hers because I am not doing it.

  3. We made them last year out of graham crackers. Mine got hit by a tornado while I was making it and it all collapsed. Cheyanne's turned out great -- of course she had Daddy, Uncle Bobby and Uncle Pat helping her. It is nearly impossible to hold it all together while it dries.

    It was funny -- mine just tipped right over and fell down.

    We took them to Gramma and Grampa Brown's and everyone just loved them....

    We used marshmallows to make snowmen and all kinds of goodies.


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