Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A visitor

Last night one of my Daycare Mom's came to pick up her son. She walked in with the most adorable little visitor. Her new puppy.. Isn't she just adorable..
I would tell you her name but I don't know how to spell it.. It is Sweetie in Spanish. She honestly is a Sweetie.. I told her mommy no bringing puppies to my house. It gives me the fever. I don't want or need another dog.... but oh my, my that face could make me want one quick.

Just adorable!!


  1. I am a total sucker for a face like that! I even have trouble watching the ASPCA commercials because it makes me want to go to my local shelter and bring all the cats and dogs home.

  2. What a cutie! I went to the pet store yesterday to get some dog treats and they had some cute puppies. I just hated to leave them there. It definitely gives you the fever. They are just so darn cute.


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