Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting to know Me!!

My name is Rene, really its not, its Maureen. I am the oldest of 6 kids. My parents had the great fun of giving all 6 of us names that begin with the letter M. There are 4 girls, and 2 brothers.

We were Army Brats which is why we have been lucky enough to live in some really great places. We lived in Texas , Oklahoma, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Ohio. We have seen a lot of the states but I still have some I need crossed off my list. I love to travel. Car travel is the best. I have flown and just prefer to get to where I am going in a car. There is so much to see out there.

I am not married, I was engaged to a great guy. Unfortunately he passed away shortly before our wedding. He had Kidney Cancer. It is so sad to watch someone you love suffer through the agony of a disease like that, if you could save someone with love he would definitely still be here.

I live in a great small town in Ohio, my mom and I share a home. My mutt Rocky and my cat Annie are nice enough to allow us to live with them, feed them, play with them, cater to their every need. We are lucky

I worked at an assortment of jobs over the years, I have ran a veggie stand for my Uncle, Worked in a County run Daycare Agency, Worked at a Gas Station/Convenience store, Worked for the United States Census Bureau, Worked for my sister at her Pizza Shop, Worked at another Pizza shop for on and off 19 years, Home Daycare, Worked one day in a grocery store Deli (so wasn't the job for me). Worked at a local Meat packaging place during Deer Season. I did this for one season... more than enough for me... Thank goodness others can do it.

I have some terrific friends. Some of my best friends are "My Boys", they are the young men that worked with me over the years at the Pizza shop. They have grown into fine young men. One is married with 2 children, Wow how did that happen, I still call them boys. It doesn't matter that we are roughly 23 years apart in age, I talk to most of them at least 2 times a week and we still go to dinner usually once a week. We also go on road trips and I drive. They are great kids.

I enjoy my family, the brothers, sisters, in laws, nieces and nephews and great niece, mom, and all the extended family. I love doing things with the family. We often go on vacations together or road trips. Or just get together and eat.... we are good at eating.

Things I love to do are travel, read, enter blog giveaways, cook(good cook, lousy baker),and spend time with the family and friends.

Thanks for stopping by my blog . Keep checking back I am hoping to have my first giveaway up and running today.

Enjoy and Remember to Have Fun!!!!!


  1. Way to go- soon I'll know all your secrets-HA!HA!Eagerly awaiting summer-longer days and FAMILY REUNION !!!My best to all....

  2. How fun it was reading about you! I have had a lot of crazy jobs, but I have to say I missed out on working in a meat packaging plant during deer hunting season or ANY season for that matter. :) Very cool! Thank you so much for entering my giveaway too. I think a sign on the little bathroom sounds like a good step. ;)

    Kelly :)


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..