Sunday, February 15, 2009

Its Sunday Already!!!

I can't believe it is Sunday already. Tomorrow is a nice calm day with just a couple of kiddos. That will be nice. I like when I can spend a little more one on one time with them without having to neglect anyone else.
Mom is feeling pretty good. Yesterday we went to calling hours for my Brother in laws dad, he passed away Thurs. It was about an hour and half drive. Mom, Brother Brat, Sis, Mel, and Tinkerbell and I went in the van.
On the way home we stopped at Bob Evan's and had lunch. It was nice, lots of chatting, and visiting and catching up.
Today, Sunday, was kind of a lazy day. Sis brought The Princess over to visit. She is honestly so much fun. She is turning into quite a talker. Chats constantly. She is also kind of demanding sometimes. She knows what she wants and wants it now! Pease!!!
Then Sis In Law brought her sister and new baby A. over to visit. Little Miss A is only 3 weeks old, oh she is so pretty. It was nice visiting with all of them. The Punk also came with them.
The Punk and I decided that we were going to try to make the 3:30 matinee to go and see Paul Blartt, Mall Cop. It was really good I enjoyed it. The Punk liked it too and it was his second time seeing it. I loved watching him watch the movie, he sits right up on the front of the seat so he doesn't miss any of the action. He cracks me up.. oh to be 12.
Well as you can see my poor blog is still very plain. I just can not figure out how to change it. Trust me I have tried. I just can't figure it out.
I won a 2 great prizes, I will share them with you soon.
Well Amazing Race is now over, I think I will hit the Treadmill, and shower and off to the land of nod.
Have a Great Week.
Remember to Have Fun!!!


  1. I found this: Thought you might like to see it since we were talking about them.
    You only have a couple kids tomorrow and I have a whole heard. Wish me luck.
    Keep on winning those giveaways!!

  2. Isn't there a website that has a list of winners on it? For some reason I thought that you gave me one before. Well I am off to research Pluricy (so I can't spell). Hubby's best buddy R.C. is at home sick with it and in lots of pain


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..