Monday, February 16, 2009

Tortilla Soup!!!

I just had a nice hot bowl of Tortilla Soup. It makes me sad. Why??? Because it is the last of the frozen Tortilla Soup, there isn't anymore in the freezer. Bummer, I made a double batch for Christmas Eve and Froze lots of it. Maybe this weekend I will throw some together and freeze it.
Ok, I found a couple of giveaways I want everyone to check out. I am going to try to link them. Here we go, First check out this pasta giveaway. They have some awesome Pastas.

Notice they are both food oriented. Goodness, and I wonder why I can't lose weight. I think I gain weight just looking at the yummy pictures.
Good Luck to you all, Let me know what goodies you are finding out there in blogland
Remember to Have Fun!!!
Ok, I am adding one more link, it isn't even food. There are I believe about 80 giveaway links on this site. Now remember, you just have to follow the directions, leave a comment and you are signed up to win.. Its so easy that Tammy and I both have managed to win something. Hello we could write the blogging giveaway for dummies book. Ok.. Go out there and start clicking on those links.
Ok, just so you know I am not crazy. They moved the links for the giveaways. You need to click on the above link then scan down to the first square on the left that says Contest Monday and bingo you will find the links. For goodness sake people leave me a comment please!!!!! I need to know someone is reading this beside Tammy....hehehehe

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  1. Tortilla soup is one of my all time favorites! Thanks so much for your sweet comment about the t-shirt. It was a spur of the moment creation because I couldn't find something for Izzy but I had one for Natalie!


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..