Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday!!!!
I hope everyone had a great week. Today the kiddos and I will be celebrating Valentines Day early. There are only 5 here, and The Princess(youngest niece) will be arriving soon.
We are going to have Heart Shaped Pizza from Papa Murphys, fresh veggies, and applesauce for lunch. The kiddos are excited. We will pass out the rest of the valentines, play find the hearts, talk about the letter V... for Valentine, and then it is my favorite
time of the day.. That's right! NAPTIME!!!!!!
Have a Great Day!!!! Be sure to look for Hearts they are everywhere.
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Remember to Have Fun!!!!!


  1. Hey thanks for getting me hooked! I had to take time out today to clean so I feel that I am behind on the giveaways. I had help cleaning today, it was a family thing!! Better write that down. I asked Roo what she was doing today because we needed to clean and she thought that meant that she needed to leave. What a silly girl!!

  2. Haha,she is a silly girl. I know I am loving this blogging. I gave Aunt Linda the address for your blog so she will be checking you out.
    And I am excited I had my first offer for a product to giveaway.
    I am waiting for Al from Country Bob's to confirm with me but they offered to do 2 prizes with 2 bottles of their Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce.. I hope he confirms soon.
    I LOVE Blogging.... I am major addicted I wonder if they have Bloggers Anonymous, like they do Alcoholics Anonymous.
    Have Fun... Rene

  3. Heart-shaped pizza...sounds fun! Thanks for visiting my giveaway post on my blog. Bless~


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